Irish Soda Bread (Vegan & Gluten-Free!) | Rule of Yum recipe

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This recipe is vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free and paleo-friendly. Today we’re making Irish Soda Bread, Rule of Yum style! MORE VIDS ht…

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  1. TheAliceScythe

    OMG as soon as? you put the butter on I was done. WANT!!

  2. Karen Fahey

    that’s fruit cake in the shape of an irish soda bread ………….. traditional irish soda bread is divine …………no place like? home

  3. shahidabi552


  4. Kim Gyu

    those luscious lips!..i mean bread! the bread looks delicious!? :p

  5. Yves George Sanchez

    ken’s cute as always!? hehehe

  6. o0LARCenCiel

    some of the videos are a little? too dark in some parts. shining some diffused light should help.

  7. RuleOfYum

    Our recipes are alternatives? to traditional recipes. 🙂

  8. ramelep

    Omg!!!! Love? u guys

  9. veer49

    But butter is great!?

  10. GiveALittleHellToPay

    Yum! Although this is nothing like real soda bread, so the title’s a wee bit misleading…?

  11. kkoun

    The chef really needs to apply lip balm to soothe those chapped lips. Not a good? look!

  12. tdotmiss

    That’s a? lot of butter!!!

  13. Etiros



    …ain’t nobody got time? for dat…..

  15. DeidarasLilStudent

    You learn something new everyday. ?

  16. Austin Fernandez

    Eggs are used as a binding and leavening agent. I guess since the bread didn’t have to rise since its not traditional Irish soda bread (and since they are using almond flour instead of regular flour) they? just need something to bind the dough together.

  17. Emmanuel Medina

    hate the? stupid song

  18. DeidarasLilStudent

    Why is applesauce the replacement for eggs? Don’t they have different proporties??

  19. jam456100

    Haha I’m? like that with butter on bread as well c: hoping I still have almond meal left so I can make this!

  20. loftanab

    The things? you guys make are amazing

  21. Marla Singer

    It made me cringe when he just bit into the big? chunk of butter!

  22. Priscilla Lupo

    A lot of times they are substituting average ingredients with those specialty ones, so if you might be able to reverse substitute them back for more available ingredients in really wanted 🙂 Like they use almond flour instead of regular flour, or apple sauce? instead of eggs, ect.

  23. zoemei

    Delicious. ?

  24. mes5961

    We don’t have store close enough to us to? get almond flour and a few other ingredients you use in your recipes so I’m unable to make any of them.Love seeing them made though!

  25. becker3030

    Luv all your? recipes they help me cook new items for my son that has food In tolerances keep them coming 🙂

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