Is It Really Gluten Free? Dog Food, Test 3

Posted on co-founder Kristen tests Primal Pet Foods Raw dog food for hidden gluten using the ELISA Tek EZ Gluten Test Kit.

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  1. j0hnxjxrambo

    You? are hot.

  2. highonimmi

    sweetie, where in the hell are ure nitrile gloves? not only are u handling raw foods but, you have reactions to handling anything with gluten!!! young lady take care of ureself, too! don’t mean to chew ure ass out, ime just? being real. take care and thanks for the vids…subbed

  3. MrWhitelightning73


  4. arniebarb123

    ur pretty?

  5. ekenahfood

    i would like to know where can i buy a gluten test kit? i would like to know if oats tha i buy from sunflawer market have? gluten , some one can help me ? thank you so muche

  6. txcowgirl83

    Your dog and I have a lot in common. ?

  7. flagwaver1969

    Primal? pet food is the best diet available for any dog or cat. I’ve been using it for 6 years now.

  8. NaturallyDahling

    Yes, he’s very allergic to gluten. If he eats it, he’ll have? upset stomach and starts itching so badly he pulls his hair out.

  9. DJuggz06

    Why on earth would you give a dog gluten free food? Does he have coeliac disease or? something?

  10. Lucvdb

    Great dog!? 🙂

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