Jaqui Karr – Symptoms of Celiac Disease & how to reverse it

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****************** www.outstandinghealthnow.com ******************** Celiac disease is an auto-immune digestive disease that damages the villi of the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. An estimated 24.3 million people currently suffer from Celiac Disease & various country studies suggest that celiac disease is still widely undiagnosed. In today’s preview clip, Matthew speaks with Jaqui Karr. Jaqui is a certified Nutritionist and Natural Health Consultant and also the author of “Celiac Disease” – The most comprehensive safe unsafe food list to date. In this short clip Jaqui shares some of the symptoms of Celiac Disease and how to reverse it. For more information on Jaqui, checkout her Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com Jaqui’s book Celiac disease is available from amazon at amzn.to

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  1. Helenelalala

    dr. vikki peterson is a celiac doc, she is in california, she helps ppl the whole day long checking if ppl are gluten intolerance or allergic, also with dairy, etc. She’s? great. She also gives lots of info? on youtube.

  2. Helenelalala

    wow, great, thanks? for sharing.

  3. Helenelalala

    for gluten intol. i’d say just avoid processed foods not just gluten free foods but all processed foods cos sometimes they don’t always say what’s in their stuff. Aleo: just get the plant! There are many vids on? youtube about that. Decrease the fats to no oil and a handful of nuts or less per day.

  4. victoriabenn

    yes unfortunately I didnt’ like it-too extreme for me. Also I am more interested in gluten intolerance issues than candida. I don’t like the? thought of swallowing turpentine!

  5. Helenelalala

    i’m checking dr.? jenifer daniels candida’s pgm right now and I like it.

  6. Helenelalala

    dr. vikki peterson is? a celiac doc, she is in california, she helps ppl the whole day long checking if ppl are gluten intolerance or allergic, also with dairy, etc. She’s great. She also gives lots of info on youtube.

  7. victoriabenn

    Jaqui, I have gluten intolerance (lab results said I did not have celiac). Exactly what brand spirulina do you recommend? Also what brand aloe juice? Pls help as I have leaky gut, candida overgrowth,? gluten intolerance, etc. and am a mess-I have gone all raw.

  8. primalself

    Likd this. Now I’m much more informd.? Thanks Jaqui:)

  9. mikecazzx

    It? has been written that doctors receive virtually no training in nutrition at medical schools in the us.

  10. maharawj

    Reminded me of famous viral video even popular among non-vegetarians of a model who said she was? vegetarian and eats chicken, when asked she said “chicken is a bird not an animal”
    I think Jaqui is as dumb to say “bee is an insect not an animal” thus vegan.(and also ok to exploit )

  11. maharawj

    I don’t care how many books she has read to regurgitate stuff most of us already known.
    I cannot come to terms with someone who calls herself vegan(certified vegan dietetician) and eats honey. Ok its not about vegan, its about “common sense” even if you want to eat honey don’t call urself vegan, but the logic is absurd. She says bees are not animals its ok to exploit and also due? to this logic eating honey is vegan.

  12. greigjackai

    I suffer with ulcerative colitis and after the worst 3 month flare up and the most awful night getting all of the food out of my system. I turned to green juicing and raw fruits and veg. I could not believe that within 2 days my symptoms vanished. No drugs just raw food! I never? used another enema and that was over 3 months ago. I still eat some cooked foods like baked potato and a little bread but no meat or milk. Hope this helps someone else. I’ve had it 16 years and have never felt better!

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