Jules Gluten Free Bread Mix

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www.youtube.com Watch a 15-year-old-boy with NO baking experience make a perfect loaf of gluten-free bread: without a bread machine and without even a mixer! Simple, hearty, moist gluten-free bread, with the convenience of a mix.

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  1. NearlyNormalKitchen

    Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure where to start with your recipe, as it’s so very different from mine. GF breads can be finicky, so it’s best to follow the recipes as they are written. I? also see that you did not use any gums in this recipe to help bind the flours together, which could be part of your problem. Give a tried and true gluten-free yeast bread recipe a shot before you start tweaking, so you know what the final result should look like. Good luck!


  2. enliteneer

    I tried a similar recipe using a bread machine: 1 egg + 1/2 cup goat milk + 2.25 cups chia flour + 1.5 tb stevia, kerrygold butter, 1tsp salt

    I used chia flour powder and bob’s mill red-star active yeast, but unfortunately, it was a clumpy mess.. not only did it not rise, it looked like rabbit droppings. I’m thinking that all the liquid from the? milk/eggs was quickly absorbed by the chia flour causing it to be too dry and not mix properly in the bread machine.

    Maybe double the milk &yeast?

  3. MetaView7

    you look very young to? have a 15 year old

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