Life in Jamaica #6: Gluten Free Diet, Maroon Tribe etc.

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  1. sahara dash

    Maroons? are in voodo to much

  2. smithmccaulsky

    I’m? sorry but you are stunning

  3. Soofyah

    Oh. ? That’s y my eyes seem different sometimes

  4. cherisse1020

    Seventh Day Adventists :-)?

  5. allakayefranxoxo

    my granny? a maroon YAy maroon to the worl

  6. Msluckycharms101

    You’re? so lucky to have maroon in you I’m jealous lol… Can u tlk more about it?

  7. Michelle Williams

    thank you and I’m glad you found it encouraging. I’m sorry about that. I know how? digestive issues feel. Hope you get well soon. Keep the faith.

  8. Michelle Williams

    thank you hun? and for all the support. Loving your latest positivity videos a lot.

  9. Michelle Williams

    Thanks hun? and thanks for watching.

  10. Michelle Williams

    thanks for? the support. Holding on 🙂

  11. Michelle Williams

    Thanks so? much for the support. Really appreciate it all.

  12. Michelle Williams

    thanks hun. Thanks for all your support over? the years.

  13. Michelle Williams

    I’m glad you do. ?

  14. Michelle Williams

    What? is SDA?

  15. Michelle Williams

    thanks :-)? I love these more I realize.

  16. Michelle Williams

    okay I? will look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. Michelle Williams

    anytime yuh ready? come hang because 8years is a long time. thanks for the support.

  18. Michelle Williams

    awww? thanks.

  19. Michelle Williams

    aww? thanks lovey.

  20. Michelle Williams

    thank you? and thanks for the prayers.

  21. Michelle Williams

    Thank you. It just means she belongs to the tribe. Seafood a deh? boss.

  22. Michelle Williams

    Thank you? 🙂

  23. Michelle Williams

    Positive attitude all the way. Thanks? for the prayers.

  24. Michelle Williams

    Thank you and I? can just imagine.

  25. MsJo155

    very encouraging video-Im? going through some digestive problems myself.

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