Lucy’s Endoscopy to confirm Celiac Disease (Age 2 1/2 years)

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Lucy now has both Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed at age 13 months) AND Celiac Disease (diagnosed at age 2 1/2 yrs.) People who have Celiac Disease can not eat gluten and have to remain on a strictly gluten free for the rest of their lives. So that’s our new adventure…exploring the world of gluten free options!

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  1. sherinisly

    Hi, if you send me your email adress i would be happy to correspond with you. I am not an expert at this either but i can refer you to a yahoo group with a couple thousand people who are doing GAPS. Not just for celiacs but also for a host of other diseases. If you would write a bit about your daughter then there are many people who can help you figure out if this is a path you should consider or not. I honestly don’t know if i would’ve if i hadn’t had severe symptoms, as it? is a strict diet.

  2. LittleLucysLife

    Thanks! Our doctor has said nothing about the GAPS diet and I’m unfamiliar with it. Lucy never has had any symptoms of Celiac, so, in that sense, she could eat gluten now and be “fine” even though, obviously, the damage is still being done internally. So I guess my question would be how do asymptomatic celiacs know they’re “cured” by the GAPS diet if they never had symptoms in the first place??

  3. LittleLucysLife

    She was 2-and-a-half in? this video, but will be 3 years old this week.

  4. BradyKathryn6

    How old is? Lucy

  5. kellynolan82

    w w w? (dot) facebook (dot) com (slash) glutenreliefjourney

  6. kellynolan82

    Have you heard about a patented formula? for celiac disease that someone is trialling at the moment

  7. sherinisly

    Your daughter is adorable! What does your doctor say about the GAPS diet? I am celiacs but am hopeful that with following this for two years i’ll be able to have gluten again and eat norma. Look? it up on youtube and see what you think! Best wishes!

  8. LittleLucysLife

    She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 13? months….so almost 2 years ago.

  9. LittleLucysLife

    Thanks so much! We love? pouches from Toosweetboutique. When your son has his annual bloodwork done, they will screen for Celiac Disease. Lucy has no symptoms, but a positive Celiac panel. The biopsies of the small intestine will be the “official” diagnosis at which point we go gluten free!

  10. dreamflight6000

    She is beautiful! My son is 2.5 and had diabetes too. Where did you get her pump pouch? We have one that isn’t comfortable for Henry. Also, what were the signs of CD? That scares me. It is overwhelming? enough just dealing with type I diabetes. You are a strong, amazing mother and Lucy is so adorable! What a little trooper she is!

  11. LittleLucysLife

    Thanks! Her annual bloodwork showed positive for Celiac Disease, another autoimmune disorder where the body can’t process gluten. The only way to make sure someone actually has Celiac is to have an endoscopy (while under anesthesia, tiny tube is put down the throat to take pictures & take tissue samples.) She doesn’t have any of? the symptoms of Celiac, but because of Type 1 Diabetes, she’s at risk for CD. We’ll know for certain when we get the biopsy results back.

  12. LittleLucysLife

    Thanks, I’m okay for now!? I get overwhelmed thinking about it sometimes, but the more I read about Celiac/Gluten-Free diet, the better I feel. Lucy, of course, has Type 1 Diabetes, so she has blood screenings every year, one of which is for Celiac Disease. Her Celiac panel was positive so we went to a Pediatric GI & scheduled her endoscopy to confirm it. She’s lucky because it was caught early (because of the bloodwork) & she has NO symptoms whatsoever.

  13. riseaginist321

    What exactly is wrong with her besides diabetes? because i have diabetes! She is so cute!!! <3 your videos! P.S Please reply!

  14. Dollieshands

    Poor little Lucy and poor you! How are you coping with this??? What were her symptoms? I have a 38 month? old girl with diabetes too. Lots of love to you all x

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