Medical Procedures Causing Gluten Intolerance

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Learn how medical procedures can create gluten intolerance and how you can lessen your risk. Advice from a doctor and author.

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  1. Vikki Petersen

    Yes, gluten is associated with autoimmune disease and? it has therefore been linked to destruction of the liver, heart, thyroid, reproductive organs, brain, etc. Unfortunately few organs are spared with gluten intolerance.

    Not all individuals have all organs affected, but looking over a variety of patients, there is evidence of pretty much all organs being affected.

    Hope that helps!

    Dr Vikki

  2. TheConsumerAustralia

    Great video. I had always thought my fructose lactose and gluten issues ramped? up after my gallbladder was removed. It was really diseased and doc says it may have been as a result of ignoring intolerances most of my life! Have you seen gluten destroy organs other than the intestine? I get depressed and bloated but I don’t have the gene.

  3. magildeny

    can you talk about eczema and any thoughts/tips? on this condition? thanks

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