~Mickie Before the Casein/Gluten Free diet~

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At the age of five, Mickie had an immune panel done. It turns out that he had high IgE. A gastrenterologist (Dr. Chopra) looked at the test and told me he was to stay away from dairy. I took it a stem further and removed cereals too.

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  1. rabindraonline

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  2. OurDaysRNumbered

    Good choice for the music, from a great film called Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m baffled as to why people think and do drink milk. We are the ONLY species that drinks milk past infancy, and on top of that we are drinking it from a different species. WTF!

    It’s all money, about the Meat and diary industry. Sold, bought and paid for by them. Do you think our government cares about you, just look at the food pyramid. ?

  3. j9dakine

    Cows milk can be? a big mistake. It was my fav. drink too. Wasn’t till I was 15 that I realized I was allergic to it!
    I am now a much higher functioning Autistic.

  4. elborgues

    A la edad de cinco, Mickie tenía un panel de hecho inmune. Resulta que él había elevado IgE. A gastrenterologist (Dr. Chopra) se examinaron en la prueba y me dijo que iba a permanecer lejos de lácteo. Lo tomé un tallo? más allá y eliminado también el sector de los cereales.

  5. helpcureautismnow1

    You are a great mom? keep up the good work with him.

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