Moroccan Peanut Cookies – Gluten Free Version

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To view written recipe, click here: Today I am going to show you how to make delicious Moroccan Peanut Cookies. The original recipe calls for flour, but today we are making the flourless version for all the people out there who are following a gluten free diet. A super easy recipe to make the best peanut cookies ever!

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  1. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet? options. Please subscibe to my channel for more links to this subject.

  2. CGkam

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  3. Maryam31M

    salam alaykum nice cookies hmm but i need some help how many cups is for 17oz of? (peanuts)

  4. Maryam31M

    Salam Alaykum hmmmmmmmmm very nice? i love it i will try make them soon Shokran for all your nice receipes and for explaining them sooo well

  5. happysmilezone

    Thanks for the tutorial. can you please tell me the name os “Al maska al 7orra “? in English? thanks in advance

  6. Pavithra9181

    Can I use canola oil instead of vegetable? oil ?

  7. VonLeachim

    looks yum..thanks for sharing.
    reminds me of a Bakewell tarte type mixture on occasions I attempt to make
    [ almond ‘batter’ in vegan/gluten free pastry]

    so much lighter without the gluten – delicate? and perhaps too delicious…

  8. zaalouk

    Thanks for the advice! I definetly have an oven problem…
    Still, I might give it another try because I? love peanuts..

  9. cookingwithalia

    3- you have to let the cookies cool down before moving them (very gently). if you touch them when they are hot, they will crumble. the texture of these? cookies is very ‘buttery’ – they basically crumble and melt in your mouth. it’s so good, but they have to be handled very carefully.
    hope this helps!

  10. cookingwithalia

    2 things I can think of:
    1- the temperature of your oven is not aligned with what you read, and this is a common problems with ovens. You may set the oven to temperature 170 C but it’s really 190 C, for example, or vice versa. So you may want to lower the temperature of the oven.
    2- you put the baking sheet in the lower rack of the oven. You want to put it in the middle of the oven,? not close to the bottom, otherwise it would burn.

  11. zaalouk

    I tried this recipe and it was a disaster! After 5 minutes in the oven, on 170 C °,the cookies were burned on the bottom. I took them out quickly and they? fell into pieces! I had to throw them away …what a pity! What did i do wrong?

  12. albstralian

    lol i thought i failed this one miserably! i ground the peanuts in a food processor and a lot of them were left big and chunky… but i wsa like well, most of it is a fine flower- so i? will just continue and my cookies will have chunks of peanuts in them! that could be cool……….. problem is when u are making them into little balls- they’re nearly impossible to keep together! argh!!! but yeah in the end they have turned out pretty well!! they are just cooling now, cant wait to taste them :D!

  13. birdonet

    ¡ Gracias? !

  14. daprincess8282

    i wish i could have read this befroe i made my cookies
    i have failed badly :(?


    Thank you? for the reply, I will be sure to try both when I can!

  16. cookingwithalia

    Add flour that has been baked on the oven until it became golden brown to the recipe. The amount of flour = amount of peanuts. The rest of the recipe is the same. you can find all my recipes in my website cookingwithalia(dot)com
    for question 2 – yes, I think what happened is that the? texture of the ground peanuts was not fine enough, so it did not ‘drink’ the liquid. You have to grind the peanuts into a ‘flour’ texture. Also, add the oil little by little. this would help.


    Two things: 1) Can we get a text recipe which? includes flour if we don’t mind gluten?
    2) When I attempted this, my “dough” became incredibly wet and sloppy. Could this have been a failure to process the nuts fine enough, or was simply scaling all the ingredients in half a bad idea?

  18. holymoutain

    looks good,but i don’t have the tool to grind the? peanuts

  19. Oecologeae

    I like the new? intro music. I have recently gotten into gluten-free cooking…it’s become a popular diet trend and I like to have recipes like these in my repertoire.

  20. TheVittleVlog

    Looks? good!

  21. StrainSop


  22. suraah

    It looks so nice, thanks! I also love Moroccan dishes like? the one you use in the end.

  23. kooktocook

    Great recipe! Easy and they look? delicious. Making note to try! Thanks Alia for posting. KtC

  24. daprincess8282

    OMG…..i didnt realise it was? THIS eay! geez! thanks so much alia….u need to post more vids up!

  25. DJTonyAllen

    thank? ya kindly for this video! 🙂

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