Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford: Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free, and the Paleo Diet

Posted on In today’s show, we’re privileged to be with the reigning Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford. After she was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago, Shannon went gluten-free, then grain-free, and now has transitioned to a Paleo diet. Yes, even beauty queens eat like cavewomen. Actually, after being a pageant girl and in the public eye for most of her life (she won Ms. Florida and was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, as well), Shannon remarked how she used a low-carb diet to help her slim down before competitions and events. Long before Paleo was en vogue, celebrities, fitness models, bodybuilders and others have known that limiting carbs increases the rate of fat loss. In Shannon’s case, controlling carbs automatically limited her intake of grains — doubly effective for a Celiac. These days, Shannon is an outspoken advocate for the Celiac Foundation and uses her celebrity status to raise awareness about Celiac disease and a gluten-free and grain-free way of life. It is her goal throughout her year as Mrs. USA to bring more attention to the illness and advocate for better labeling of our nation’s food supply. A worthy cause, indeed. As Mrs. United States, Shannon will travel around the country “bringing attention to Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and healthy living in general. I am finding that the message of eating whole foods and living a healthy life resonates very well with most people.” Robb Wolf recently spoke about Shannon on his blog

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  1. poppytub

    Thank you for uploading this! I also? have celiac disease. It’s nice to know people who have a platform are raising awareness about the gluten free lifestyle 🙂

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