Normalizing weight on a gluten-free diet

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Dr Vikki Petersen talking about a recent segment on the “Today Show”.

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  1. NaturesFairy

    Wonderful video.. Thank you!?

  2. loriannlouise

    Thank you so? much for clarifying this …very well explained !

  3. blondecrazygaijin

    Your info is great but your hit count is not high enough –granted that might not be your objective (it isn’t for me). Consider identifying a popular nutritionist or other doctor and then interviewing him/her —he or? she might then provide a link to you, with positive hit count effects. I find this new camera of yours is fantastic.

  4. healthnowmedical

    Hello, in order to possibly help you out I would like to see if you could contact my office. It is possible we can set? up a phone consultation to see if we can actually get you the health care you need. You can call into the clinic at 408 733 0400 or go to our website and hit the free consultation button at healthnowmedical(dot)com. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. dscheller77

    takign dr. ohhira’s probiotics along with primal defense ultra. As I said everything else looks good on my test except for what i mentioned. I know you said the pathogenic yeast is unlikely. Would you test it again to see if anything comes up? And what could that yeast that was found be? Ok I think I have all my questions fit in sorry for the long? reply. Thanks again .

  6. dscheller77

    but it is getting better. What would you reccomend to replenish minerals as fast as possible? Im taking opti zinc 30 mg, 2? mg chelated copper, 8mg chelated manganese, eating as much potassium rich foods as possible, and drink 700-1000 mg natural calm a day. Also taking 200mcg of selenium. +vitamin code multi which contains minerals + 7- 10 serving of veggies. Those were all the minerals that were low. and last question what do you reccomend to get rid of bacterial overgrowth? I have been next-

  7. dscheller77

    Also to add in the beginning of symptoms I had loose stools which made me think is was a digestive problem. And one question i forgot to ask was could fecal slgA come back elevated due to bacterial overgrowth? I had elevated tricarbyllate on? first organic acids then the second was a clostridial species and something else was elevated. I dont have the test on hand right now. Also fatigue used to be worst symptom but is now not as bad. I don’t have anywhere close to the energy I used to. next –

  8. dscheller77

    Also have this weird ear pressure. Im wondering if this just could be all from low minerals? Where? would you go from here if you were me? Thanks for your replys. I plan on buying your book. Thanks for the help

  9. dscheller77

    I did find through own personal testing that I have low HCL and I have been supplementing with HCL and digestive enzymes. Possible reason for low minerals? And why low SCFA? I didn’t eat very well before I got sick but I eat very well now. Lots of? veggies and fruit. Well SCFA normalize after awhile or is their a reason for low SCFA? Everything else looked pretty good except for those things. Symptoms are tension headaches, fatigue, muscle tension, eye floaters( very annoying), and have brain fog

  10. dscheller77

    Thanks for the reply. That is very nice of? you. I can’t say my symptoms felt that much better after going gluten free. Im going to remain gluten free just because Ive learned so much about it, and understand it is not good even if your not sensitive. I plan on getting another mycology report to see if anything comes up. Could the D- Arabintol come up low even if you have a pathogenic yeast? On the stool test the only things that came up were low SCFA. A fecal slgA of 146. The +3 yeast. next-

  11. healthnowmedical

    Dear D. Scheller,
    Continuing… Beyond what I’ve said I would need to know more about your health, symptoms and how you felt after a month being gluten-free. But I do agree that based on the data that you gave me I don’t? understand how your clinician could state that you were gluten sensitive, let alone “bordering on celiac”…
    Please give me more data and we’ll see if we can direct you towards achieving better health.
    To your good health,
    Dr Vikki

  12. healthnowmedical

    Dear D. Scheller,
    Continuing… the D-arabinitol? is a test for pathogenic yeast and it seems that yours is negative.
    Having only been off gluten for two weeks is usually not enough for the anti-gliadin IgA to come back negative. But with that said you do have mineral deficiencies and we need to figure out why. Also, the gluten tests are not as sensitive as we wish they were which is why we always follow up w/ elimination diet for 30 days. Continuing….

  13. healthnowmedical

    Dear D. Scheller,
    A fecal SIgA is simply a measurement of your immune system’s activity. IgA is more active in the gut than in the bloodstream. Often with gluten sensitivity or celiac, SIgA is quite low but not always. I use the Metametrix stool test and when the toxonomy is unavailable it is my understanding? that specifically treating for yeast is not necessary as it’s likely that it isn’t particularly a “pathogenic” yeast that you have. Continue on next post….

  14. dscheller77

    (adding on to previous post) I dont understand where the doctor developed the gluten sensisitivy diagnosis with those findings, and how the doctor was positive that candida was the fungi/yeast that the test found. What other possible yeast/fungi infections are there? Also my minerals were all quite low besides calcium and chromium. I? would greatly appreciate your opinion.

  15. dscheller77

    I took a metametrix stool anaylsis and ion profile . The doctor said that I have a gluten sensistivity leaning towards celiac disease. Fecal slgA came back at 146. normal ranges 20- 144. I had? a yeast/fungal finding of +3 with no taxomony avaliable but my organic acids D- arabinitol was only 11. could it still be candida? My anti-gliadin slgA came back <1. I had been off gluten for around two weeks when this test came back. Is it possible for the anti-gliadin slgA to go down that quickly?

  16. prncessgrl28

    Thanks for setting the record straight. That whole segment made me really angry. I have been gluten free? for a year and have lost 35 pounds and gained my life back. Thanks again for bringing good science back.

  17. lexxintegra

    Yep…. I don’t view tv in general, so missed? the today show, but that’s a good thing ;o)
    Your information still helped my understanding of how gluten works with our bodies, so thanks !
    I’m going to pass this video onto one of my sisters who’s living with Lupus… this may also interest her… Blessings with Cheers 2 U =o)

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