Nutrition is More Important to Your Health Than You Might Think

Posted on Dr. Liesa Harte, a functional medicine MD discusses what you need to know about your nutritional status versus your health or disease status. Are you deficient in a critical nutrient like vitamin B-12? Magnesium? Do you have an immune response to gluten? Did you know that the tip of the iceberg is celiac, but gluten-reactivity or gluten-sensitivity is the iceberg? Gluten-reactivity can cause autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, dementia, liver failure, obesity, and more?

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  1. AtlantaNeckPain

    How can? I have my nutritional status checked?

  2. LadyFunster

    Does it matter if I just? take supplements with my American style diet

  3. gachiropractors

    Curious about your thoughts on the raw? food movement?

  4. DUILawyerNJBest

    I just wish it were more? convenient to eat right. And cheaper.

  5. NewJerseyDWILawyer

    You are dead on about the impact of nutrition on health. I found that to be the case? for me.

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