P4A – ZeldaPhan discusses the Celiac Disease Foundation

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Donate: celiac.org Subscribe youtube.com I will personally be making a $50 donation to every charity I host on my channel. (more description info coming soon) Project for Awesome! If there’s not 5000 comments, keep commenting!!

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  1. nDreamer758

    So.. I pretty much think I need a way to take this video where ever I go. You explain what having Celiac means so much better than I have been able to.
    I am wondering though what types of symptoms you have when you accidentally ingest wheat, rye, barley, ect. I was diagnosed in 2005, yet I haven’t really ever? had symptoms. Or, I have, but haven’t recognized that it was because of food that wasn’t on my diet.

  2. Chelsea Perry


  3. offlineable


  4. bluelightning0


  5. Will Tingle

    DFTBA! thanks for supporting the? P4A!

  6. rjofthe4


  7. motivationalradio

    All the best with the voting, you did a? great job.

  8. Nerd042


  9. TheFreakbot


  10. ragnarok606


  11. charmanderonfire

    Both my? mom and my sister have celiac. Those Silly Yaks 🙂


  12. Christopher Hoffman


  13. barendbos


  14. FalseConsensusEffect

    It will be physically impossible for? you to forget to be awesome after all of these comments.

  15. p4aARMY

    gulten free ftw?

  16. freezie656

    I know someone who has this. I’m pretty sure? at least. DFTBA.

  17. live2tivo

    I pronounce it differently, but I made? a video about the same thing. DFTBA.

  18. SeahawkInRainyEarth

    I know several people with? the disease and they have a really difficult time.

  19. musiclvr1490


  20. zenturtle651692


  21. ExcelsioraVelen

    I have but one comment, what 5 people didn’t like someone sharing a real and life changing disease? Any disease that affects what you can and cannot eat sucks! Ask a Diabetic how they feel about donuts. Ask a heart patient how they feel about McDonald’s french fries. Ask? someone with Celiac Disease how they feel about noodles.

  22. Egyptianchipmunk


  23. KRA3030


  24. masterschild

    glutten free? is good for me

  25. hevsbuttons

    yay? for P4A

    love from scotland <3

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