Potato Bread, dinner rolls style

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  1. Avoir Chaud

    thank you, you can find the full recipe in the description box including what type of? yeast I used.


    Your rolls r awsome! Did u? use the fresh yeast or a dry yeast?

  3. shundakm

    Another one? of my weakness, carb, carbs, carbs, lol especially homemade yeast rolls… Another beautiful video my friend…

  4. Avoir Chaud

    Thank you so much, a mixer does come? in handy 🙂

  5. Avoir Chaud

    Thak you :)?

  6. Jamie Potter


  7. Avoir Chaud

    Thank you so much? 🙂

  8. CookingAndCrafting

    These? look awesome 🙂

  9. Avoir Chaud

    Thanks Angie :)?

  10. TheSquishyMonsterTSM

    this is faaabulous!!!?

  11. DeeNeenee

    Very pretty rolls! I can not wait to get me a? mixer because I sure couldnt do all that mixing by hand.

  12. SteveOwensKitchen

    Yes, She had a tough Couple of Weeks I keep close contact with Anne she just hasn’t the time to say? anything. But I feel if she knows we are all rooting for her it will help. Have a great Weekend. I will Keep you all posted 🙂


  13. Avoir Chaud

    Yikes! I? left a message on her FB asking if she was ok. Thank you for letting me know she’s a great friend.

  14. SteveOwensKitchen

    Great Channel. Please pop and send a little love over to Anne at EZGluten Free. She has had a bad couple of weeks. I put a very short video up about it 🙁


  15. Avoir Chaud

    YW hon 🙂 I have? several dinner rolls and bun recipes on my channel. I’m going to set up a bread playlist now.

  16. Shauna Eakins

    Those rolls look? absolutely perfect!! I want potato rolls now!!!

  17. rintube12

    awesome! i knew i would love your channel, lol….i’ve been looking up recipes for the past few days for dinner rolls and potato hamburger buns, wow what a co-inky-dink lol! thanks for recipe chef!?

  18. FitAnge S

    Your welcome I love your videos!?

  19. Avoir Chaud

    Hi hon nice to see you as always! Thank? you so much 🙂

  20. Avoir Chaud

    Thank? you so much 🙂

  21. FitAnge S

    They? look fantastic! What a great bread recipe. Thank you

  22. Grace Dew

    love this

  23. Avoir Chaud

    🙂 :)?

  24. junklovers .

    yum,? i gotta fave it

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