Q&A 161 – Toxic Foods, Celiac, Seizures

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Questions & Answers 161 – Adaptation to toxic foods – Celiac – Calcium Channel Blockers & Beta Blockers – Dad with extreme Kidney and Adrenal weakness – Lift…

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  1. xxxxfile

    he looks fat?

  2. tinaismina

    In reference to the bllod type diet, I think your thinking of a mono? food diet. From my understanding the blood type diet. In reference to the guy who nvented the idea, there are lots of dead philosphers or inventors who’s idea dies in the ass when they lived but got picked up on again further doen the track an example of this is Mr asperger who came up with aspergers syndrome which is only more recently gaining recognition – well atelast here in Aus.

  3. a gravante

    The blood type diet is garbage.Is the guy who invented it even alive anymore? Does this guy apply it to animals.Sounds stupid? doesn’t it.Feed one dog all meat and another dog all fruit.One monkey all cheese and another all vegetables.Ridiculous.

  4. a gravante

    So do I.They? are delicious.

  5. a gravante

    That is oh so true.Most people want a quick fix to their health problems without any discomfort what so ever and the medical community is more than happy to fix them up(cover their symptoms )with? toxic drugs.Unfortunately you have to go through detoxification to get well and most people can’t or will not do that all the way.

  6. MrJuggy2009

    Dude you are cool! Keep? it up 🙂

  7. R Terry

    Dr. Morse is a godsend. Thanks to Dan the Man for putting me? on to Dr. Morse.

  8. GracieFlix

    Dr. Morse. What should we feed our dogs? I’m confused. When I switched her over to a raw meat diet, I did so because I had read that it was the best diet for dogs. Now I hear you? say that too much protein is not good for them. Could you talk about this in your next video please? It is important for me to feed my dog a proper diet and I would greatly appreciate your advice or if you could point me in the direction of where I could learn about this. Thank you Dr. Morse!

  9. HerbalDiane

    Learning from these Dr Morse videos has changed my life…for the better….so many health problems have either gone away or considerably improved after completely changing my diet to vegan & using herbs he suggests. I’m? so very grateful to this beautiful soul…my own health improvements validate everything he talks about.

  10. Rissa LifePlum

    “…they [people on earth] lack spirituality, they lack love.”

    I agree with this, exponentially. My question is, how can you save a species of people who lack moral and spiritual beliefs and don’t aspire to learn how to better themselves and their families.

    How do you suppose we can reach a state of pure consciousness, especially when the majority can’t even define the term? ?

  11. Rissa LifePlum

    I have been thinking about? this potential concept for some time, myself.

  12. MrCryospark

    Adaptation is suppression, the body trying to handle too much protein/nitrogen? acids and non-electric foods. HFCS is dead and too concentrated with no life/electrics. Hybrid vs Heirloom? Heirloom has less sugars yet tastes better it’s not about the sugars. Fruit that’s fallen is meant to be attractive to bacteria not staying time on the shelf, GMO is way susceptible as the plants just broken in it’s blueprint except for the one thing it’s designed against. Canine is for apples.

  13. veganprincess01

    Hugs? XO

  14. monkeybutteification

    I grow moringa. It taste terrible but gives crazy energy. I powder it and use it in salads. PKM1? is the best variety for bush type. I can freeze back and return if you straw and cover the base from freeze. I also grow ashitaba. Ashitaba stays green through heat and freezing cold in zone 8.

  15. RawSimplicity

    Most people need the support? of someone knowledgeable in detoxification so that they can understand the process, the differences between sickness and detoxification, how to get through it quickly, and do so in a way that will ultimately result in positive health. Unfortunately today’s society still has a lot of blind faith in the allopathic medical community, is very addicted to food, and wants a quick fix to their problems :p

  16. RawSimplicity

    Ahh, I see. Yeah, just coming off of meat isn’t really enough for a lot of people, as their bodies will still be in a damaged state as well as quite lymphatically congested. In this state it could take them years for their body to enter into a healing crisis. When it happens they’ll immediately think it to be a bad thing, go back? to eating meat, and lo and behold the healing crisis stops.

  17. noneya biznass

    Oh yes, I agree with you completely regarding the neurotransmitter feed . I felt that shift personally when coming off the meat.
    I meant over a period of years of not eating meat..then the person gets drastically sick. In my mind I realize its a bit of a healing crisis.
    Reminds me the similarity as with a vehicle..to keep adding clean oil (fruits/veggies/herbs)? and yet to not change any oil/gas filters (Organs/endocrine/cells).
    Over time the vehicle will break down if the deep cleaning is nil

  18. RawSimplicity

    Could be that their bodies have become dependent on the neurotransmitters found in the meat. If you eat meat long enough your body stops naturally producing these neurotransmitters because it’s had an external source for them, so most people will ‘crash’ when they stop eating meat, and feel ‘good’ when they start again. It’s akin to steroid use.? Use steroids for long enough and your body will stop producing it’s own steroids, so one must ween off of steroids slowly.

  19. tgawron2233


  20. HaydenICM

    I have experimented with the mighty grapefruit! OMG, the have even gotten my flabby tummy to get smaller! Fruit lovers unit! God bless you and spread the fruitful word!?

  21. noneya biznass

    There is a question that keeps getting thrown at me by numerous
    people regarding those who get ‘sick’ by eating vegan over long periods of time.
    They say they ‘regain their health back’ once they introduce meat back? into their diets.
    Would you say its a healing crisis? What would you say is the best way to explain this to the people that do have some nature sense?
    Thank you Doc!

  22. 0wenfox

    blessings? Robert! love u!

  23. mickymidnight1

    Watching these videos has become? a priority for me… they are not only highly educational, they are entertaining as well.
    Great teacher… thank you.

  24. Rachna888

    cool music doc 🙂 like? pole dancing lol , awesome video to ty , thumbs up 🙂

  25. Cindy Paiva

    Always love hearing you sir. I have been able to help so many people with this information, thank you. ? Ill be expanding soon, very excited to open the clinic apothocary!

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