Quick easy enchiladas made mostly from stored goods, and they are gluten free.

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You can store food all you want, but if you don’t have a way to make it into something tasty to eat it’s hard to get excited about canned goods night.

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  1. Virginia Wind

    Hi TexasPrepperinCali
    I”ve been berated for not using my beef broth more than once. hahaha. Really it depends what I have laid out for menus for the? next few days whether I keep it or not. Oh and the enchiladas were quite good.

  2. TexasPrepperinCali

    oh no you poured out that great juice from the beef? wow that could have been used in many different things as? well as a great gravy/sauce. I am learning to cook with my FS, so I need all the help I can get here. I am from the South and I cook but never using anything in the box, so doing this is completely new to me. hope it taste good.

  3. Virginia Wind

    Hi Frozencoffee. You’ll need a pressure cooker? to can meat. At my altitude I can all meat at 15 pounds for 90 minutes. I add a bit of salt and a few herbs, but that’s just to suit my tastes. Really, that’s about all there is to it.
    Good luck.

  4. frozuncoffee

    That looks good. I really need to learn how? to can my own meat!

  5. Virginia Wind

    I bought some corn flour from the hispanic section of the grocery store last week and i plan to learn how to? make the tortillas as well, or I hope so anyway.

  6. oaktreega

    Yummy!!!!! We make these here too.?

  7. Buckrun11

    You better be carefull. She may take you up on that if she can also set? around the fire ring and drink all your beer! LOL

  8. butcherbls

    I’ll grind HR all day long iffn she wants to do the? tillin, post driving, lawn mowin, snow removal on and on and on… LOL. Sides, she gets ornery when I’m messin around in HER kitchen.

  9. Virginia Wind

    I knew you’d say something? about me dumping out the meat drippings, but despite what it might seem you can have too much gravy. Actually, I’m thinking my next dish with this canned roast beef will be some SOS on steroids just because you’ve really got me thinking about the gravy.

  10. Virginia Wind

    Oh I missed that about butcher making his? wife grind the horseradish. that’s cruel and unusual! hahahaha

  11. Buckrun11

    I make black bean and pinto beans into refried beans just like butcher makes his wife make. (he makes her do all the hard stuff around his place) I couldn’t believe it when he said he made her grind? the horseradish!

  12. butcherbls

    Doggonit man, there? ya go dumpin all that good gravy outta the canned meat again. LOL. Get ya some corn starch and flour and have at it. Just kiddin.
    My wife makes homemade refried beans that are kick azz. They aint as pretty as the store bought ones but taste great. Now you got me really hungry. Have a goodun.

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