Raw Food Recipe: Zucchini Pasta in Marinara – A Gluten Free Meal

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thedeliciousrevolution.com If you like this and want other gluten free recipes, subscribe. Learn how to make a gluten free meal and replace pasta noodles with Zucchini Pasta Noodles in Delicious Sun Dried Tomato Marinara.

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  1. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet options. Please subscibe to my channel for more links to? this subject.

  2. jkalm4ofus

    I saw that some? food processors say they can spiral veggies. do you think they work just as well?

  3. silne08

    I’m not a raw eater or have a problem with gluten but I bought this veggie “spiraler” off of Amazon for $30. (before I had been cutting it? myself from scratch. Which honestly works out too)

    You guys… 1 zucchini is 5 calories verses a serving of pasta for 200. Not to mention you can’t tell the difference anyway might as well save the calories and use a zuke. Zucchini can’t be beat.

    Nice video by the way ^_^

  4. DeliciousRevolution

    Gad? they enjoyed it. At our h ouse this is the go-to “fast food” meal because of how quick and easy it is. NOn-raw foodists love it too!

  5. deliakardz

    Great recipe, the family enjoyed this and it was super quick and easy!?

  6. DeliciousRevolution

    You tube is making it so links don’t work in comments or I would post it here. BUT if you go to my site and check out the resource page you will see links to this and all the cool gadgets I have found. This? one is about $30.
    Thank you,

  7. DeliciousRevolution

    YES! It works great with carrots, but if they are too thin, you won’t get much noodles. But you can still eat the center part that does not get spiralized. Spiralized beet and carrot make a pretty combination? that is great tossed in an Asian dressing and served with green onion and almond or cashews.
    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Stef6788

    do you think that machine would also work with carrots? I think a mix of zucchini and carrot pasta would also be great..even though? I’d go ahead and cook the carrots just like regular pasta.
    Sound very delicious btw.

  9. DeliciousRevolution

    You can find links to all? the gear I use at TheDeliciousRevolution. com

  10. keebofsylph

    Where’s that link for that machine?? I’d like to invest in one. Thanks for the great recipe, I look forward to trying it.

  11. DeliciousRevolution

    If you boil the zucchini it would get mushy and nasty! If you want a hot meal simply top the room temp zucchini noodles with a heated pasta sauce. The sauce will heat the noodles too! Easy, fast,? and delicious.

  12. DeliciousRevolution

    If you boiled the zucchini it would get too mushy and nasty. But you can heat? it if you want to. To be honest I make the noodles at room temp. If I want a hot dish I simply heat the sauce. The sauce heats the noodles. EASY! Fast and delicious too!

    Thanks for your comment!

  13. blkBBW

    Can you boil? or heat the Zucchini?

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