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Make juice with a Vita-Mix blender in just a few minutes. In this video I say that there is a small amount of arsenic in apple seeds. That is incorrect, there is actually a small anount of cyanide in apple seeds, not arsenic. Sorry about the mistake! You can purchase the juice bag from my website at (and scroll down to the 3rd item).

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  1. Rene Oswald

    Hi Tonya, I turn it up to high as fast as I can, but just leave it on for a few seconds to prevent oxidation? to preserve the nutrients. Happy Juicing!

  2. Tonya Crumsey

    Some asked what speed is the Vitamix on for? juicing, I have the same questions. Thanks

  3. Rene Oswald

    You? can purchase the bags from my site at RawFoodRene and click on the Shop–Appliances tab then scroll down to the 3rd item. Happy Juicing!

  4. shirliujest

    Where can I? purchase the juice bag?

  5. Rene Oswald

    The Juice Feasting for Life eBook contains 60 juice recipes and has thorough instructions for doing a short and long-term juice feast. There is another video that explains the book in more detail that you? can find by searching Rene Juice Feasting.
    Happy Juicing!

  6. bbughtiful

    Is your book a? juicing book? I didn’t quite understand what sort of book it was. Thanks 🙂

  7. Snickrsnack

    Love this!!?

  8. Rene Oswald

    Check out my 5 part series of short videos on this subject? here by searching “Rene Juicing Versus Blending” . Enjoy your day!

  9. Daniela Negura

    So,you still separate the? pulp with that juice bag.What’s the difference?

  10. Rene Oswald

    When using the blender, we don’t add water, therefore it’s not diluted. Blending it once a day in the Vitamix saves you lots of time, since it only takes about 45 minutes to make a full gallon (which is the amt. for one day? of juice feasting). It is then ready to squeeze through the juice bag whenever you get hungry, with only about 10 squeezes for 16 oz. of juice. I’ve done it both ways and this way saves me about 4 hours a day (set up and clean up time). Hope that helps! Happy Juicing!

  11. Daniela Negura

    Why should I use a blender to make some juice since in the end,I still separate the pulp from the juice with that strainer?And adding water dilutes the content and makes the juice tasteless,in my opinion.So,I get a diluted juice and I still have to separate it from the pulp by hand.A? juicer would be effortless in this respect.

  12. Rene Oswald

    I don’t add water because it dilutes the nutrients and digestive enzymes, the same reason we shouldn’t? drink water (or other beverages) with our meals.

  13. Douglas Beckling

    You could have just put a couple cups of water and it would not Jam? up like that

  14. Sarah Oswald

    you can purchase the book at the rawfoodrene? website

  15. Rene Oswald

    So glad to hear you have figured out the best balance for you!?

  16. rascalfishy

    So glad you made this video, Rene! I overdid it with green smoothies to the point where I was having some serious gastro intestinal issues … just too much fiber for my body to handle. Juicing gives me all the nutrition of smoothies but without the fiber, which I get in other ways. My juicer has 8 parts that have to be cleaned after every use. Now I don’t have to go thru that every time I want juice, I can just use my blender and strain out the pulp. Perfect!!?

  17. illmaticsi

    raw4health can you tell us what settings you used on the? vitamix? level and the up/down switch. thanks!

  18. Rene Oswald

    If you leave the pulp you are making a smoothie, not a juice. That is fine if that is what you are wanting to do, however in this video I’m teaching how to use the vita-mix to extract a juice from your fruits and vegetables without having to purchase a separate juicer. There are many benefits to this. For more info, go? to my website at RawFoodRene and check out my juice feasting videos and Juice Feasting for Life program.

  19. TheRevJD

    I have a Vita Mix, and have been thinking about using it as a juicer. I don’t mind pulp in my orange juice, etc., so could I just leave the Vita Mix running for a little while longer and not use the bag to strain the pulp? Also, for fruits, I? think if I add some ice, the pulp would not be a problem. Would you add ice to the ingredients you used here?

  20. ClaudiaEliaza

    hello there! Thanks for this very insightful video. You’ve motivated me to replace my nut milk bags for this cotton one that you use. Can you please send me? the link where I can order the one that you’re using in this video. It seems that you get way more juice with this bag.

    Thanks! And happy Jucing!

  21. bling1999

    Where can I purchase? that book??

  22. SpaceOctopus2010

    Don’t? know if I trust….

  23. michellerobin1979

    LOL, I was on the edge of my seat too! But something tells me you have been cooking long? enough, that if your chopping techniques were going to take a finger they already would have. Pretty sure I saw all 10 digits there! 😉 Great videos. Thanks!

  24. Rene Oswald

    It’s best to clean the juice bag by hand or in washing machine in cold water. These bags are not “pre-shrunk” , therefore should be washed in cold water and air-dried to prevent them from shrinking. I was mine by hand with white vinegar. ?

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