REVIEW: Glutino Genius Gluten Free Bread

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Watch as Marie Fang reviews her latest favorite gluten free bread: Glutino’s Genius Multigrain Bread. Try it for yourself! Glutino Genius Bread Check out my Blog: Follow me on Twitter!

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  1. TheInvisagod

    hi marie the research and books are out there. it’s easily accessible but not widely published. google and amazon are the best places to look. there is a family of enzymes which digests gluten and casein, that family is damaged via vaccinations or other drug like paracetamol/crocin etc. that’s when undigested gluten/casein enter the small intestine and cause damage. natural medicine restores the enzymatic family in the liver to? break these down. so its not a permanent issue 🙂

  2. Marie Fang

    Thanks for sharing. I checked out clarkchiro’s video, which was? interesting to watch but leaves me with many questions. In particular, I would like to see this data in published research, and it has not been noted by any prominent celiac organizations. Prior to removing gluten from my diet, I was lactose intolerant. By removing gluten my intestine is healed and I now have no problems with milk. Since I am diagnosed with Celiac disease, I will always react to gluten regardless of what else I eat.

  3. TheInvisagod

    Marie as per clarkchiro channel dairy and coffee are cross reactors of gluten. maybe if dairy and? caffeine arent present in the body gluten wont cause any reactions. you want to give that a practical test? if you do ill come back to watch your experiment with keen interest ! 🙂

  4. TheInvisagod

    thanks for the insight? marie! <3 🙂

  5. Marie Fang

    Hello and thanks for stopping by! I mostly try to eat foods from fresh ingredients (unprocessed) that are of course gluten-free. My? diet is largely plant-based although I do eat meat a couple of times a week. As far as avoiding coffee and dairy, I have no issues with either and drink both daily. Please check with your physician or nutritionist to better understand the best diet plan for you.

  6. TheInvisagod

    hey marie nice video! what is your diet like now? are you? a vegetarian? i saw clarkchiro youtube channel and he says those who are gluten sensitive should avoid coffee and dairy too. what do you think?
    much love you look great since 2010 video i just saw 🙂

  7. Marie Fang

    Go with corn tortillas! You can find them at your local grocery store. Try the handmade ones at Trader Joe’s, they’re super? soft. If you miss that soft texture of wheat flour, you can also check out sandwich petals gluten free flatbreads. You can check their website to see where they are offered.

  8. Zeke Urrabazo

    i miss eating flour tortillas! do u know where i can get? gluten free tortillas by any chance?

  9. Zeke Urrabazo

    Thank you very much for the info Marie? 🙂 I’m definently gonna have to try this bread if I can find it in my area.

  10. Zeke Urrabazo

    Where can i buy this? bread at?

  11. ranger08supercub

    Welcome back, I was wondering and waiting for your next video!? Thanks for the review I have not had any kind of bread since May 17th.
    Take care and thanks for the video,

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