Science: Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

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The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: America’s Test Kitchen Gluten-Free Flour Blend: The Science of Good Cook…

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  1. SilentS

    this whole gluten free thing has been blown way out of proportion.?

  2. Lakhwinder Dhaliwal

    suffered from oral canker sores my whole life. I would get 2 to 4 soars at
    any given time making it hard to socialize with peers at school. I became
    an outcast or a “weirdo”. The pain of canker soars alone drove to be super
    depressed at certain times. The moment i stopped eating wheat, it all went
    away. Till today, if i eat even half a gram of wheat, I get an outbreak. SO
    for all the folks that say it’s blown out of proportion, F-YOU. Yes there
    are stupid bandwagoners who think it’s a good way to lose weight and they
    are mistaken but for someone like me who has not had real pizza for over 4
    years, this is the holy grail. ?

  3. Dave Ellinger

    Udi’s makes an amazing gluten-free pizza mix?

  4. Amir Amran

    please, can you write here the complete recipe? thank you very much!?

  5. gwho

    You might wonder stuff like, why don’t we just use almond flower for
    everything? Why don’t companies do that? Everything all comes back to
    government, doing shenanigans like manipulating prices with subsidies for
    GMO soy, corn, etc, creating regulations (aka restrictions at the threat of
    force) based on not actual objective evidence for utilitarian benefit (not
    that that would justify threatening force), but based on personal, lobbying
    and beneficial interests between businesses that can afford to lobby/bribe,
    and politicians that are entirely predictable with game theory.

    Yes, game theory, politics, philosophy impacts cooking, and what you eat.?

  6. gwho

    Wow, such condensed information. 5 seconds of him asserting things is hours
    of experimentation that you don’t have to do. serious gold here.

    It’s totally worth replaying the video or rewinding to process what he just

  7. superbott

    Is it worth it? Only if you’re gluten intolerant. Otherwise just make the
    normal kind.?

  8. Jesse Fiedler

    full recipe??

  9. Maddy James

    Looks great but I’m allergic to almond, too! Any other suggestions that
    don’t include nuts??

  10. Didi Byrd

    can u give all recipe please :0?

  11. Zena Herbert

    Sounds rosy but where is the recipe? If I have to pay to get it, that info
    ought to be in the video. And the how-to-shape the pizza is conveniently
    missing. I don’t like this less-than-truthful approach.?

  12. Stop Lying to Children

    “Almond flour provides a good source of both fat and protein to help the
    crust brown and crisp.”

    What can you substitute if you want the crust crisp but not brown; or
    should you just adjust the cooking time and temperature??

  13. gwho

    cooking is fucking chemistry ftw. anyone with a decent head on their
    shoulders, willpower in effort, and willingness / lack of inhibition to
    experiment and fail can be a great cook, come up with a great recipe for
    one item, and open up a successful restaurant with a bit of business help.?

  14. redbelly4

    very very good, may you have a receipe of this ??

  15. viquez may

    next week i am going to try to make this recipe for my kids.?

  16. Dingus Cosplay

    This may have just saved my pizza longing heart! Thank you!?

  17. GrasiCarter15

    more gluten-free recipes please?

  18. TheNicohunter

    En Español Porfavor :·3?

  19. Sarah Byington

    I just finished making my pizza crust, yes it was a lot of work. If you
    plan ahead of time and keep them in the freezer it wouldn’t be to bad. I
    made 2 big pizza crusts. My friend had the brilliant idea of making 6 mini
    pizza crusts from the recipe for small families. Brilliant! Finding the
    pseulim involved going to several stores and finally finding it from
    someone who hadn’t bathed in months, but it was worth the suffering. This
    was amazing pizza. The color was darker than normal pizza but with sauce
    and cheese it tasted just like normal pizza, crispy with good chew. The
    bottom crust was super dark. Amazing! Thanks! My celiac friends didn’t ever
    think they’d eat normal pizza again.?

  20. markshow

    Fantastic video and information! I will have to try. :-)?

  21. Tom Higgins

    Gluten Free pizza dough has always been a big flopperino for me. this video
    has shown me why. It is not just about taking out the wheat, it is what you
    need to add in it’s place….and it is not as simple as any one
    ingredient. ?

  22. l harrison

    I clicked on the link,and it’s says i have to become a member to get the
    recipe.Something about a 14 day free trail.Why can’t i just get the

  23. 1974124sport

    Where’s the recipe? Do I have to be a member or is it from this season??

  24. Petite Poulette

    Cool. But how do you make doughs with more nutrition that are also good
    texture & great flavor? A gluten-free person I met said this when she first
    skimmed through the ATK new GF book. I’m curious myself. :)?

  25. DCARA06

    Cool, love this!?

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