Should You Go Gluten Free

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Many professional athletes are recognizing the performance benefits of going gluten free. Professional tennis player, Novak Djokovic, has had a breakout season he attibutes to eliminating gluten from his diet.

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  1. datzfast

    ? to the probelm of raw meat consumption i conclude that because the blood and meat tissue of a living bird is sterile if you avoid fecal contamination the fresh raw meat could be consumed. it would have to involve a fresh killed bird, and the judicious care not to rupture the poop sac. thing is i dont like raw chicken, so i eat raw beef. bleeding on the plate seared on the outside and with some first aid could probably recover. I hope you vomited a little bit in your mouth just now.

  2. Brooke Mallory

    Love the? info.. Can you site any the info? I’m definitely interested in it.

  3. ronstero

    It’s not? pronounced novak DOKOVICH.
    It’s Novak Chiokovic or so.

  4. applebaj

    why dont you eat raw chicken and test your luck with salmonella?

  5. christhetallmanchris

    raw meat? raw chicken??? you cant be serious!? you could? harm people with this kind of misinformation

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