Spring Rolls, Gluten Free Style, with Alex Thomopoulos

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“If you could have spring explode in your mouth, it would come from a spring roll.” – Alex Thomopoulos Subscribe to Hungry for more Bites & Booze! youtube.com Find us on Facebook! www.facebook.com And check us out on Twitter! twitter.com Alex’s website: against-thegrain.com Tweet at Alex: ?@AlexThomopoulos – twitter.com **************** Spring Rolls 1 pound 16-20 wild shrimp, peeled and deveined 4 boneless/skinless chicken breast, cut into 1-inch strips 2 stalks lemongrass, dry and fibrous top removed, roughly chopped 2 3-inch pieces of ginger 4 tablespoons of salt 2 packages of rice paper 2 English cucumbers, julienned about 4-inches in length 2 large carrots, peeled and julienned about 4-inches in length 1 small jicama, peeled and julienned about 4-inches in length 2 avocados, sliced and tossed with lime juice to prevent browning 1 bunch fresh mint 1 bunch fresh cilantro 1 bunch Thai basil Lime wedges, for garnish Dipping Sauce: 1 1/2 cups water 1/2 cup fish sauce 6 teaspoons rice vinegar 4 cloves garlic, minced 6 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1/4 cup agave syrup or honey or 6 tablespoons sugar 1 red chile, seeded, finely sliced 1.Prepare the dipping sauce by combining water, fish sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, lime juice, agave and red chile. Stir together and set aside for a few hours to allow flavors to develop. Serve any extra sauce with any type of fish or meat dish. 2.Put shrimp and chicken in two separate pots. Add enough cold water to cover both and then add 1

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  1. uo??s n???

    I eat this all the time!! The way that you make it the same? way that I do too but i never realized that they were gluten free. Thanks!!

  2. TheSlimjim2345

    Alex? Blaspemy is not your best suit, it sounds absolutely awful too?

  3. Jaytee Starr

    No wonder she had to pay people to show up,? she made fun of everybody’s spring rolls…

  4. amandaunicorn

    oh…. thanks! :D?

  5. AmazingWasabi

    Squid is just the brand name. It’s really? fish sauce.

  6. amandaunicorn

    but what you have there is squid sauce. not fish? sauce? 🙁

  7. emsarah28

    With hemp! and beads! And really complicated patterns that we’ll end up scrapping and just buying bracelets and partying. Friendship. The End.?

  8. Alex Thomopoulos

    I? like BFF’s! can we make bracelets?!?!?!? Please….i’m serious…

  9. emsarah28

    I? just want to be her best friend…

  10. mybloodismetal

    this must? be what the hipsters are eating

  11. Alex Thomopoulos

    u r right. it? was a slip. I love Jesus but I drink a little…

  12. TheSlimjim2345

    luv the video’s but not the Blasphemy, you shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain, Jesus Christ is God’s son so use his name in an upbuilding? way, like, without Jesus or God we wouldn’t have these ingredients, they are so kind to us for providing them and the rain and sunshine provided too. I’m not too good at this so please forgive me.

  13. Jakk Nguyen

    Thanks for putting fish? sauce on the map! Lovvve you!!

  14. ivanathegreat

    “The Jackson Pollock of Spring Rolls.” aaaaaand subscribe.?

  15. Alex Thomopoulos

    thanks! That? means a lot to me. 🙂

  16. robkamanda

    Haaaa… Noooo…Your the bestest… Anyways, I sent your link out to a whole bunch of my peoples…. Keep Cooking My Friend…..?

  17. Alex Thomopoulos

    🙂 I am a great drinking buddy! ?

  18. Alex Thomopoulos

    you are the bestest!!!!!?

  19. debbiedeepr85

    me too I just want to go and hang out with her and other great ppl? and get drunk with gluten free beer!!! hahahahahaahahaha

  20. Leda Botelho

    I love her.? She is so hilarious!

  21. Alex Thomopoulos

    hahahahahahahahah that made me laugh? so hard!

  22. namphuong286

    lol? extra crunch!!

  23. khunstar2835

    i didn’t know these counted as spring rolls! i? loveeeee rice paperrrrrrrr

  24. robkamanda

    Aleeeexxxxxxxxxxx…….You Roooockk!!!!!! We Love? You Alex……Your the awesomest………..

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