Symptoms of Celiac Disease & Gluten Intolerance

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For more information on the symptoms of gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease, and the challenges of living gluten-free, please visit

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  1. InsidersHealthTV

    It can’t be easy when you’re having digestive issues and no definite diagnosis can be made. How can you really know if it’s a gluten? rejection or celiac disease, especially if the doctor is unsure? We’ve covered this on our channel as well in anyone is interested. Have a great day, everyone!

  2. thepixieful

    Pamela’s mix, Mi-Del animal cookies, and GF Bisquick and GF Betty Crocker cake mixes (check their? site) sugar cookie recipe there, takes about a year to adjust. also popcorn, Delight magazine on line, google GF recipes….hash brown potatoes I could on….I eat better now. also fruit, veg, seeds, nuts, steak, fish. tacos are corn,

  3. thepixieful

    dear Celtic? pal. I have had relief from gut pain after 50 years, I love GF baked good, on line at Delightmagazine and key in GF recipes, there is irish soda bread, and the GF Bisquick or Pamela’s baking mix makes Marvelous waffles…easy too. I eat better than before. took a year to really find out about the mixes and readjust. bacon and waffles is great. ENJOY.

  4. thepixieful

    Thank you GF world….I had pain for 50? years in my gut…the next 50 are GF…love Pamela’s for waffles. get that $29 dollar waffle iron, it is worth it for the whole family. also GF Bisquick is good and the sugar cookies made with GF Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix, on line at their site, glad the recipes are on line.

  5. Failcamkid27

    I’m? 11 years old and I have ADHD so I’d got bored and didn’t watch the whole video so can anyone tell me if it’s normal for me to get anxious and have my heart racing after eating things with gluten?

  6. grace2ualways

    I have symptoms for gluten intolerance. All symptoms improved both times that I was gluten free. Dietician said I? knew what I was doing. I was getting back onto gluten -2nd time- when I saw a gastro dr. I was eating little gluten with breaks between exposures. IBS, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, Hashimoto’s, brain fog, fatigue, etc. My genes are DQ2 hetero. Neg. blood and biopsy test All symptoms are back and am now lactose intolerant. Am I gluten intolerant? Done with talking to dr.

  7. LosLemonator666

    I’m Irish with celiac? disease. It sucks:/

  8. chehar06

    I’m delighted to see so many people enjoying the videos! Please note–this is a 3 minute segment of a longer talk. I didn’t discuss the importance of testing for Celiac in this video (see the others on? the Kaplan Medical Center channel), but I always recommend people test for Celiac disease BEFORE experimenting with a gluten-free diet.

  9. kellynolan82

    @nickhwe @marywinmusic @bakedinspiration @0119alt? @einhornguitarist @ItalianBella82 My friend just made a post on something she saw online about a potential cure for gluten intolerance and celiacs it seems to work for just about everyone with gluten issues. I don’t know about its ‘true’ validity, however I’d say it’s worth at least looking into. Leave your comments! She’d like to hear thoughts at:

    >> (slash) p1244N-6k

    and there’s even a YouTube video. Let us know what you think

  10. bakedinspiration

    ohhh yeah I don’t drink milk but I don’t think I could loose ice cream lol. yeah it also sucks how much special foods IE? Gluten free, non GMO, organic foods, cost. I need to start a garden!

  11. marywinmusic

    I feel your pain, lol… Last year I developed a lactose intolerance.? This year I developed a gluten intolerance. I never get canker sores and got one a few weeks ago. The skin on my face is drier than ever. I’m also 21, life is going to get expensive. nooo

  12. marywinmusic

    Great? video, thank you!

  13. bakedinspiration

    I just turned 21 and found out im probably? gluten intolerant…. god have mercy

  14. TheSiSiDreamz

    i have alot of? those symptoms

  15. 0119alt

    she looks so peaceful lol?

  16. einhornguitarist

    Thanks for the video Cheryl. It looks like? I need to be tested for celiac disease.

  17. ItalianaBella82

    Great? video!

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