Tabitha’s Wheat/Gluten/Dairy free diet

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Wheat/gluten/dairy free healthy diet

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  1. YelloFello15

    I heard canned tuna is high in mercury, especially the? albacore variety. Is that true? I’ve been eating the canned salmon instead.

  2. missbridgetk

    Thanks for all the great videos! I don’t own a George foreman grill yet, what would be best way to cook chicken breast, until I get? one .thxs

  3. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good? learning video for gluten free diet options. Please subscibe to my channel for more links to this subject.

  4. greatdreams89

    I love you because you seem humble and smart..and your body shape is the best I have seen in any when you speak or pose I dont look at your body I actually listen to what you say..Most gorgeous I’ve? ever seen…keep it up! you will hit #1 someday and give thanks? to God also!..bye tabitha super lady~ wish I could support you somehow

  5. tangypasta

    terebithia ?

  6. tokyoseoul1984

    Very? helpful. Thank you!

  7. riahpeace

    this is perfect for me! I also have to eat this type of diet.. highly highly informative .thanks for? inspiration!! ps. your voice is adorable ha

  8. FabFems

    Wonderfully informative for Celiac’s!? Thank You.

  9. navenodriza

    where? are you from Tabitha?

  10. Krysb107

    Have? you tried brown rice tortillas?

  11. Krysb107

  12. MrWheatFree

    Great video, this will? help celiacs, butternut squash roasted is yummy


  13. Idle566

    I love you!! thank? you very much for sharing this expensive information!

  14. AdamGurno

    I really appreciate the thought that? went into this.

  15. TrollingForYou

    im eating? my 3 muskateers and twix mmmmmmmm

  16. 27Bianca

    whats? her site?

  17. dgwear69

    are? you gluten intolarent?

  18. nutritionista88

    I have been waiting for a while now… 🙂
    Great job, I am happy to know you’re feeling better.

    Do you still consume any protein? powders? If so, do you consume whey? Or no, (due to the milk factor)

  19. Erin Gain

    awesome? video! thanks Tabi!! but dont turn around.. THERES A SPIDER ON THE SHELF BEHIND YOU lol! I LOVE your videos! please keep them coming! and im going to try out your tuna mayo and seasoning recipe this week!!

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