Testing For Gluten Sensitivity

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www.DrKrupka.com Dr. Krupka explains the various options for gluten sensitivity testing with the pro’s and con’s of each. Need to know if YOU need a gluten free diet? Watch this to learn how you can tell. Dr. Krupka practices Functional Medicine in Houston, TX.

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  1. Robbie Wood

    Dr.? Krupka,
    What is your opinion on the AlCat food sensitivity test?

    Thank you

  2. SeventhSun

    Thank? you for viewing my channel, videos and web log!!

    Your friend,

  3. CookQuirky

    Although it takes a while for the benefits to be seen…when it does kick in YOU know the difference! Only problem for a lot of people is What are? they going to eat? Where and all that! Its sooo hard here to get stuff thats coeliac and dairy free…thats why I’ve started my cookquirky channel! I’m inventing, making all favorites suitable for those of us with these allergies! One should stick with it because well being out weighs everything!

  4. Cellars1978

    Very informative? interesting 🙂

  5. soFresh207

    Really? If what you stated is true than it’s definitely great news. My dad insisted that several doctors he spoke to told him that the polysaccharides from grains cannot be found elsewhere and one MUST eat grains in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. FYI I am living in Taiwan. I love my country but it simply feels like the? society is still a bit behind on replacing carbs from grains with the ones from fruits and vegetables and the TRUTH on animal fat. Thanks for your reply!

  6. DrPatrickKrupka

    Hey there, thanks for your comment, I want to make sure that we can divide “carbs” into fruit and veggie carbs, and grain carbs.? There are plenty of polysaccharides from our fruits and vegetables, and they have a much lower impact on your blood sugar (or your Mom’s) than the grain carbs.

  7. soFresh207

    I’m still trying hard to convince my mom that the fact which she always crashes in the afternoons is the result of consuming way too much carbs (lots of starch and some vegetables and fruits) in her meals and not enough poultry. However, my dad did raise a? question: since grains are significant sources of glucan (or polysaccharide), can we obtain sufficient amount of it on a restricted-carb diet?

  8. BibleStudy888

    If I eat *anything* but meat, eggs, butter, coconut oil, some green veggies and some fruit, I get? real sick and it is not fun.
    Wheat is completely out of the question for me. I have some blood sugar problem.

  9. DrPatrickKrupka

    Cyrex Labs (for those of you who aren’t “in the know” like aday1308) is a new lab that caters to functional medicine doctors and offers some pretty innovative panels for patients. Their tests are , however, immunoglobulin based, and therefore are subject to the same interpretation issues and false negatives as other Ig tests. I think that they are good tests, just understand those? issues when you intrepret them.

  10. DrPatrickKrupka

    Well it sure is true? that big pharma makes more money treating all of the symptoms of degenerative diseases than it does when people avoid the triggers for their symptoms and issues..good point!

  11. SovereignBeing

    you’re right so? many of these diagnostic tests are inconclusive at best.. then you go on making the condition worse, until they get u wheeled in for surgery, it’s all part of the big pharma game.

  12. tvswnet

    Great video. I went on a quite restricted eating plan almost a year ago, started feeling better, and decided just to keep it. For me, feeling good is finally more important than eating things I like. I’ve decided not to reintroduce much because I feel good. I may/may not have intolerances to some of those foods, but it doesn’t mean my body loves them either. I feel good, so I’ll stick with? the restricted eating plan…that’s the point…feeling good. Makes meal planning easy too 🙂

  13. gokartdudes

    It took? my sister years to find a doctor to take her seriously about food allergy issues, I wish we had a functional medicine Doc like you back then. Keep up the good work!

  14. DrPatrickKrupka

    Sometimes it’s difficult to get your doctor to do anything that they do’t regularly do for their patients. My best advice is to o some of your own research and bring them? the information on a silver platter so that the decision is easy for them. Additionally, for the genetic test, you can order the kit for yourself directly from Enterolabs.

  15. aday1308

    Dr Krupka, do? you have an opinion about the new Cyrex labs gluten sensitivity and cross reactivity testing?

  16. FunctionalWellness

    Great video, Doc! How can I get my doctor to? understand this and order some testing on me?

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