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This video was made for a Digital Storytelling class at UC Berkeley. IT features the lesser known social implications of adhering to the gluten free life style. This video should as the difference between googling Celiac Disease and living with it. For more work by CC Bonaduce go to Subtitles for viewers in Brazil 🙂

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  1. behmgurl1

    Thank you– Your video helps me get through a hard? time!!

  2. YourFavoriteTroll

    it took till i felt like i was literally dieing before i figured out i had celiac disease, the thing that worries me is there is so many people out there with celiac? and have no idea

  3. tiarnajcj

    Just been diagnosed great? someone else feels like me.PS I subscribed

  4. Cbonaduce

    It is funny you should ask, someone from Brazil actually already added subtitles!

    There is a link to? the video with subtitles in the description of the video above. Click “show more” to find the link. Let me know if this works. Youtube won’t let me post the link directly in this comment reply.

    I am so glad that you like the video and the message 🙂

  5. l0uk0

    Hey there Cecilia! I found your video is very touching and real. I’m a celiac person as well, and I would like to share your video with people in Brazil. If I got subtitles in Brazilian? Portuguese for your video, would you include in it so I could share with them?
    I’ll wait for your reply.
    Thanks for sahring your world

  6. DollAnneDiabolito

    If you’re friends don’t want you at the birthday party because you don’t eat the cake, you have the? wrong friends. 🙂

  7. glamwithoutgluten

    Awesome video!! As I always say, “I didn’t pick? this Celiac, this Celiac picked ME”

  8. hxcugotpwnd

    I just got diagnosed with Celiac 2+ weeks ago.

    This is a great voice and I’m glad you posted it. It’s so true… we’re? not picky simply because we were never given a choice of what to eat. We don’t have choices we only have gluten-free.

  9. decomgr

    Absolutely terrific!?

  10. hummingbird091

    Thank by you. I don’t know how to thank you for sharing exactly? how I feel.

  11. HelenOnulak

    Powerful portrayal of what we feel that? often goes unspoken. Thank you for raising awareness for all of us.

  12. lynzimc

    Awesome video! People don’t realize how social of an activity eating is and how Celiac makes just being with friends so much harder. If I eat with my friends, I have to make sure it’s from a select few restaurants that accomodate celiacs and by doing so completely incovnience everyone else. But if I just go with my friends to eat and not eat anything (because it all has wheat), then people have to “feel sorry for? me.” Either way, my condition is the topic of the table and it gets really old.

  13. bluesh4rk

    Excellent, this almost made? me cry!!! As a fellow Celiac, I totally identify with this!

  14. joshuafilmer

    Very? nice job!

  15. ackdavis1

    Excellent portrayal! You convey the issues facing gluten intolerance/celiac very well, every day. The social isolation, lack of understanding, spot on. We gluten-free folks help each other in order to help ourselves. It’s so vital to stay? totally gluten free – without poison. Thank you for giving a clear picture of being strong and gluten free. Your video is calm, accurate, realistic. Thank you! CB! Things are looking up …

  16. whitneydreamer

    thank you for this thoughtful video! it gave me chills as i am always that girl too. i think about these little known effects of Celiac and of severe? food allergies and think it is important to help others understand. beautifully done and i will be sharing this!

  17. spazzzz1969

    Very well done!! Kudos on the song, “How to Save? a Life”

  18. bakingbeauties

    What a fantastic video! Love it. You made so many great points. Thank you for doing this. I’m going to be sharing it with my readers, I think everyone should see it. (I hope you? got an ‘A’ on it!)

  19. scentedflames1

    Awesome video! It can explain to friends and family a bit what they do to individuals with celiac disease and gluten intolerance issues, and sometimes unknowingly. I think everyone should view this video, especially around the holidays as so many can be insensitive. Thank-you,? and I will share it as much as possible. I hope there will be more videos like this so it can promote a more positive outcome for those with gluten issues.

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