The Basics of Gluten Intolerance

Posted on Learn what Gluten intolerance is, how it affects the body & why you should be tested from a doctor & author.

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  1. TheIAMINU

    The best part is when your? gut is so damaged , gluten can directly enter the bloodstream , causing an Ischemic episode. “Died of natural causes”

  2. Vikki Petersen

    @Almondx3 – Yes, living here in Silicon Valley, a true melting? pot of cultures, we have many Asian patients whom we have diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. While we used to think that celiac and gluten sensitivity was more the pervue of those hailing from N. Europe, we now know that gluten sensitivity touches all cultures and races.

    We have excellent success with Crohn’s and I’m happy to offer you help in the form of a free health analysis. Call 408-733-0400.

    Dr Vikki

  3. Vikki Petersen

    @StuffedPepper – you’re not alone, it’s likely a cross-reactive food for you. The lab test that we use to distinguish the various cross-reactive foods has been extremely helpful for our patients. It might be clarify some things for you- It’s from Cyrex Labs.

    Let me know if you have any? questions or require our help.

    Dr Vikki

  4. StuffedPeppr

    even gluten-free oats? bother me! 🙁

  5. vandershlut

    this is great? thank you

  6. Grant Goode

    thanks for posting…the title needs to be changed to include a T? in The…

  7. loriannlouise

    Thank you sooo much for all your info !! I read your message and was so greatful for your expertise in this subject you really helped . I was going to? get back to you but you just answered all my questions in this video . I thank you once again for all your help<3 Lori

  8. blondecrazygaijin

    The “no-duh” gluten perps like bread, pizza or beer are easy for me to be mindful of, but I wish those foods for which gluten appears in trace volume (soy sauce, etc.) are way harder for me.

    I wish for these? l’il guys there was required labeling. 🙁

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