The Celiac Diva: Episode 70

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The “not so obvious” symptoms of Celiac Disease.

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  1. costohope

    Hi there! YES! The testing could be wrong. 1 in 3 people get a false? negative. One way to rule out celiac or to confirm your suspitions through genetic testing. (if you have the gene, the symtpoms and improve on a gluten free diet- you are 100% a celiac., It’ s a disease that’s genetic, so u can google myceliacid. com & order it- it’s not cheap, but I’ve done it and totally recommend it to those who may still be seeking answers. PS- Tell you mom that she rocks for being supportive!

  2. laurapie92

    Could my? test be wrong? Or am I just gluten intolerant? I am so confused.

  3. laurapie92

    Ok for? the past coupled years I’ve been siiiick. I used to get a lot of pains in my ribs all the time, I was always getting snick,feeling nauseous and getting ridiculous rashes EVERYWHERE. I also get random shooting pains and have awful cramps which we always assumed was from my period. My mom recently wondered if I had celiacs but I went and got tested and the results were negative. However I’ve been trying to lay off the gluten and I my rashes have all gone away and I feel so much healthier.

  4. autumnstarrs

    I wish I could? take your video t the rheumotolgist with me on friday. The symptoms you list here descibe my daughter completely. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  5. costohope

    Thanks everyone for your comments!! To-Makeupmakes me happy- yes, it can cause irreversible damage. If you are still having rib pain, for me, I went completely grain and dairy free, got off all soft drinks and citric acid- and that when the pain went away. Also, in a celiac,? you don’t produce pancreatic enzymes, so you have a really hard tome digesting food, hence the continued rib pain. I’d get your dr to test for it. Hang in there,
    Hope you get to feeling better!!

  6. MakeupMakesMeeHappy

    Can Celiac cause health problems that are irreversible? I? ask this because I haven’t had gluten for about 10 months now and I still have rib pain and a ton of symptoms…
    I suspect I have Costochondritis, I get a lot of heart palpitations, can that be from costo? Please, if you can answer I would appreciate it so much, thank you.

  7. Rachael Miller

    alopecia or hair loss! ?

  8. shainthelen

    Thanks? for sharing!

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