The Faces of Celiac Disease

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May is celiac disease awareness month. Many Americans have it and don’t know it. Here is a clip of real people with real symptoms telling you about it.

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  1. monsieurjv

    and….what else?, did you forgot something?

  2. gfroxie

    I believe all of the people in the video were officially diagnosed except one (the young girl), including myself in 1998. The majority are from our local Celiac Sprue Association support group. We asked for only those who had been officially diagnosed to participate. The video demonstrates how many varied symptoms there are!

  3. whitegirlfang

    Wow I’m glad this video is getting lots of views, and I am so happy for all those people in the video that they can have their live back.

  4. raybanfandom

    I found out by fasting for ten days on water that something was wrong with me because despite not eating any food, I felt better than ever. When I ended my fast, I ate nothing but home cooked, healthy food, with plenty of vegetables, rice, and beans with absolutely no breads of any kind or diary. I felt like Superman. As the months went on, I reverted back to my old ways and these same symptoms this video says came back, especially pain and gas. Get checked out folks if you think you have it.

  5. germaineschwider

    It is truly surprising how many different symptoms people have who are diagnosed with celiac disease. Most of the people in the video were diagnosed by lab test and biopsy. One of the reasons it makes it so difficult to get diagnosed and tested. Please keep spreading the word.

  6. MikaOwns

    a black lady!?!? the rest look like people of Saami descent though, which makes sense.

  7. jordandcv

    fuck i would of killed my self after a year

  8. carmadon5

    Thanks for sharing! Going Glutenfree was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health.

  9. carmadon5

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. bearcub410

    just found out i have this , my mother got colon cancer because of untreated celiacs disease , it is no joke , but i am glad i know i have it , i was depressed and did not have a normal bowel movement for a year , then i started to feel like i would vomit after each time i ate , in two days of not eating gulten i was almost back to normal , thank god i found out , hope this helps

  11. gfroxie

    This video succinctly tells the story of celiac disease through the voices of real people with celiac disease. Thank you for posting it, and I hope it is seen by many – including some of those 3 million undiagnosed!

  12. germaineschwider

    Thanks for your feedback and many thanks for helping spread the word

  13. emorgan816

    Great job! I am passing this on to not just my Celiac support group, but everyone I know! Thanks for creating the video.
    Elizabeth Secora
    McHenry Celiac Support Group

  14. cyberbecyt

    Great job!

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