the gluten free cooking goddess: How to make flourless sugar free peanut butter criss cross cookies.

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Hello, I am the Gluten-free Cooking Goddess! And today i am showing you how to make…Gluten-free peanut butter criss cross cookies! These are a delightful light low carb healthy snack! Because there made with substitute sugar they are at least 200 carbs less in the batch! Serving: makes about 7-8 cookies carbohydrates 8 Calories 210 fat 136 If you need any information please message me. Thanks!

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  1. crosswind76

    @MidnightDesire08 he? used sugar “Alternative”. You can use stevia, xylitol,? honey, agave or coconut sugar if you want etc…

  2. farifarhath

    great video!? do make more..

  3. redrosestoo

    @MidnightDesire08 Did you not see at the beginning?? It’s a sugar substitute.

  4. chikaninja

    you rock!!!! thanks 🙂

  5. XxLadySelenexX

    Awesome Recipe! Thank You. Will Make? them to Tonight!

  6. NilsKills

    @xAprilPoisonx most? don’t Always check,

  7. xAprilPoisonx

    does peanut butter not? have gluten in it? ><

  8. MidnightDesire08

    @navelolol pshhh with all that sugar and peanut butter? youre out? of your mind.

  9. navelolol

    210 calories for the whole batch?!?

  10. tuffydoodle

    Looks? great!

  11. carmeldip32

    Good job. Will? you be making more videos?

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