The Road Forager: gluten free pizza in Florence, Italy!

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How on earth can you eat Paleo, or at least gluten free while in Italy? Oddly enough, it’s easier than in the US.

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  1. thickpooxbox360

    ‘el trotoria’ bahaha thats what? robb calls his toilet after a gluten exposure! 😛

  2. ylenija

    The celiac idea is awesome. I thought? about using it too 🙂

  3. supraprod

    I thought rice and potatoes were no-nos on? the paleo diet?

  4. kashikomarimashita

    Interesting! I haven’t had Pizza in months now, gluten-free or not. I’m from Southern Austria and used to travel to Italy a lot, always eating high-carb Italian food. I loved it, but even back then I always felt bloated. It’s surprising to me that they have all these “celiaci” alternatives. It just shows that it’s possible to eat healthy pretty much everywhere with a? little digging around. I live in Taipei, Taiwan and so far managed to stay Paleo since I started eating this way again. Ciao!

  5. TheRoadForager

    I’m going out on a limb here but? you might find my book, the Paleo Solution helpful to better understand gluten.

  6. evanpitbull

    I would really like to understand more about the issue with Gluten. I heard of paleo through my local Crossfit gym in Decatur, IL and have done a little research on my own but? not finding the plan simple facts or reasons why?

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