The Truth about Gluten Sensitivity as Dr Vikki Sees It

Posted on Don’t let the confusion about gluten get you confused. Dr Vikki Petersen vows to steer you through the muddy waters.

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  1. Vikki Petersen

    The grains you list are all gluten free so they shouldn’t pose a problem. If the grains are eaten in highly refined, form they are not a good food and therefore should be consumed in a limited quantity. Millet or quinoa or buckwheat in its whole form should? be fine. If you are introducing them into your diet, do so one at a time and wait for a good 48 to 72 hours post-introduction to ensure you have no symptoms.
    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.
    Dr Vikki

  2. C. Riveira

    I have been lactose intolerant for 10 years already and I believe I am also gluten sensitive. My question is: is it ok to eat quinoa, millet, buckweat and tapioca? must I only eat proteins and vegetables? I? read very different opinions about this, could you please let me know what yours is?
    Thank you very much for your interesting videos.
    Cristina from Spain.

  3. Vikki Petersen

    Yes, gluten can be the cause of acne. The skin tends to reflect the health of the digestive system and as we? know, gluten certainly affects that.
    Let me know if I can be of assistance.
    Dr Vikki

  4. Meghan Monk

    can? gluten cause acne?

  5. RubberWilbur

    Maybe the big wheat and corporate lobbyist in DC has something to do with influencing the way the medical industry? does or says. Wheat is a big way they design their food to make big profits. How often or how much money can a company make on a banana or an apple? It is what it is….live beautiful food that nature gives us.

  6. 7digitalSunday

    What ways other than quitting all gluten/wheat/ grains for a period of time is there to know if we are gluten sensitive, alergic, being effected by gluten or? have celiac disease?

  7. Lori Ann

    Thanks for spreading the word about celiac disease you know my dad passed away from celiac ,his liver turned to cirrhosis from gluten . As the old saying? goes what you don’t know can hurt you . Tks again for all your info >3

  8. Vikki Petersen

    @mohsinuk2000 – it? certainly is related. One of the most common ways that gluten affects the body is through the nervous system & that includes such symptoms as depression & anxiety. We see a great deal of success in treating such symptoms through addressing food sensitivities such as gluten plus the secondary effects that gluten creates. Balancing hormones naturally also is an important tool.

    Let me know if you would like a free health analysis – 408-733-0400
    Dr Vikki

  9. TheIAMINU

    as they adulterate more and more foods , making it difficult to find something to eat. So many frozen and canned vegetables are now “flavored”. Pushing Gluten free “comfort” foods while on the other hand , adding more gluten to the rest. It seems like I just woke up on the wrong planet.?

  10. mohsinuk2000

    Dr Petersen,

    Is gluten? sensitivity related to anxiety and depression?


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