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  1. briancopeland77

    This disease can also be? triggered by milk products because dairy cattle are fed wheat hull because it is cheap

  2. NuSkinCorporate

    Well said PandasRule, if people want to eat a healthy diet? and live a healthier lifestyle there are many other options out there that will give just as good, if not better, results that this. Plus if you mix exercise into any of these diets you are going to feel like a new person in a few months time. So just find a healthy diet that works for you and like with everything, keep it in moderation.

  3. superunknown2890

    While it? may certainly not be a fad diet, it is OUR natural diet as a species. Everyone is gluten intolerant – it is part of human DNA. Some just outwardly show gastrointestinal symptoms that clue them into discovering a sensitivity or celiac disease. However, the list of diseases associated with gluten grows larger every month. It is no coincidence that modern human disease coincides with the onset of the Neolithic Revolution. A gluten free diet is only just the start of a healthier diet.

  4. BraveWomanCandy

    you have to be very careful about going out, if they thickened the sauce for those ribs with flour, if they fry? your french fries next to battered chicken. Cross contamination happens all the time. Being gluten free is not this easy its a lot of work, that is unnecessary if you don’t have an intolerance.

  5. toledo620

    Actually, Elizabeth is partially right. Our doctor told me to stay away from oats, not because of the cross-contamination issue, but because there is another protein in the oats that causes people that are gluten intolerant to react to? it in the bowel. Same thing goes for sorghum as well.

  6. hodgrix

    oats dont actually contain gluten in them, they simply have gluten on them because they are handled on the same surface as other gluten containing products. elizabeth is once? again misinformed and speaking as if she is 100% a well informed dietitian. you’d think she would at least know what she is talking about when the subject is so closely related to her. and to think i actually liked her on survivor…

  7. QueerSwede1

    @despookyhhr very true.?

  8. itsmejustme100

    I have Celiac Disease. I’ve had it since i was born,? and wow! The food has gotten so much better than it was say…7 years ago. I glad that finally Celiac is making the news, and people are learning about it.

  9. Angel042401

    She can’t really say that this isn’t a restrictive diet. Different people react differently, some have Celiac worse than others. Not to mention, most of the gluten free food tastes like crap! Crap that you have to pay a ton of money for! It’s especially hard eating out because there are a lot of restraunts that have little to no gluten free choices, so to? say that it is non-restrictive is not necessarily true.

  10. ecofashionista

    This diet IS restrictive, depending on how bad you have celiac disease! I have been diagnosed for 10 years and never could go out to eat again – I have a severe version “double? copy gene” and it causes such horrible symptoms including gluten ataxia (brain damage) — i dont know how anyone goes out to eat on this diet when the doctors say we can’t even ingest a molecule.
    Also, my body didn’t bounce back as well as her! I think it depends on how sick you get ahead of time.

  11. oXoPandasRuleXoX

    i think you missed my point… i too have celiac and the gluten-free diet saved my life. i was very very sick. but my point is that? if people do NOT have celiac or a gluten allergy, they shouldn’t just stop eating gluten, thinking of it as a fad diet (which is how it’s being promoted very often now).

  12. chow1010

    Not smart!!!!! Idiot know it all. I am celiac and have seen people go gluten? free and SAVE their LIFE!!!! Educate yourself…PLEase

  13. chow1010

    I have celiac, no diet fad..grow up.?

  14. oXoPandasRuleXoX

    i wish they would stop promoting the gluten-free diet as some sort of fad diet or something… if you don’t have celiac, gluten-intolerance, or some sort of allergy, don’t go off gluten. it’s not as good for you as people try to promote if you don’t need it, and it’s harder to get your nutritional needs. besides, if you can eat gluten, live it up!! celiac is not fun! if you want? some sort of diet, just eat healthier.

  15. msgdew

    all lies?

  16. preemiegirl

    Awesome and informative. Now if? we could get Elizabeth and Heidi Collins on Oprah, Ellen and The Doctors…maybe people in Canada and the US could be healthier!

  17. claudiazacchara

    Whoopi is eating gluten free =)? that’s adorable …

  18. llai33102

    I just found out that most of the Chex line is gluten free! Well? except wheat and multibran…

  19. Switch2GlutenFree

    Great day on the view! I just posted this and another? video on the blog.

  20. Melanieflo78

    Thank you so much for posting this! It is something I can show to others to ‘teach’ them about Celiac Disease.
    I also a Facebook group which is pretty much a ‘recipe swap’ for gluten free recipes. Search the facebook site for, “What’s? for Dinner? Our Favorite Gluten Free Recipes”

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