Top 50 Healthiest Foods – Bananas & Gluten Free Vegan Bananas Bread

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Link to Why Bananas are Healthy – Ingredients for Gluten Free Vegan Bananas Bread: 1 cup Gluten …

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  1. Margaret Kasten

    I love living an organic lifestyle and I love your video…..I do not have any good stores around me that? have good organics. I go to the farmers market to get fruits and veggies and they have an assortment of wonderful snacks, candles and home made items….I also love the website I found recently that has 100% organic products that are great. For everyone I love to connect with like minded people on facebook I am MargaretKasten143…

  2. Kathy Johnson

    Looks delicious!?

  3. fadeblujeans

    i love bananas but they are really high in carbs and sugar, so if you are hypoglycemic? or diabetic they are not the best food to eat.

  4. britgrliam


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