Udi’s Gluten Free Stuffing

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Your Thanksgiving favorites can easily become gluten free with the right ingredients. Learn how to make gluten free stuffing using Udi’s gluten free bread. For the full recipe visit: udisglutenfree.com

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  1. musickep

    wow. that looks so good,? (and so fattening) but I cant wait to try it! Thank you!

  2. kimberleybpatterson

    Pfft. Moderate fat is good for you. This athlete is done with the low-fat craze; feel better & am lighter than I ever was? when I was overly concerned with fat content.

  3. FriendsOfUdis

    @whitegirlfang? – Well it IS Thanksgiving after all! Here’s another tip – You can brush extra virgin olive oil on the bread before toasting (instead of butter). Let us know if you try it! – Wendy

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