Vegan Gluten-Free PAD THAI

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Easy flavorful Pad Thai recipe with Diana and her cooking friend. See recipe on SUBSCRIBE! THUMBS UP! ROUNDORAMA Blog: TWITTER: THE ROUND DIET Book:

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  1. Betty Liem

    Some soy? sauces are gluten-free.

  2. JanetSeeds

    Please? don’t label this “vegan” if it has fish sauce.


  3. chickenswithpants

    Braggs Aminos, no wheat,? no gluten, vegan!!!

  4. mrblueysky

    Excellent video, thankyou so much for this guide 🙂 can’t wait to cook it myself!?

  5. August789

    I’m surprised you’re suggesting Soy? Sauce. It’s usually made from wheat, which means it isn’t safe to use when cooking gluten-free.

  6. August789

    I’m surprised you’re suggesting Soy Sauce. It’s usually made from wheat, which means it isn’t safe to use? when cooking gluten-free.

  7. AwesomeFish12

    Soy souce is made from wheat(usually). Should use Tamari, tastes the same….Kikkoman soysauce has enough gluten in it to make me sick. So not good? for sensitive people.

  8. TabithaRachel

    Absolutely going to try this recipe! One thing I have to say though is that the Kikkoman soy sauce may claim to be “gluten free”, but it can still cause a reaction. For? those with a gluten intolerance who are wanting to try this recipe I recommend San-J wheat-free Tamari sauce. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Nathalie ce

    Yummmyyy this looks so good and fun to make ! deff will be trying this? out 🙂

  10. memegmoi

    looks? nice and healthy 😛 i need to lose 4 pounds so maybe i should start to eat this kind of food lol

  11. roundlady


  12. roundlady

    i will? tell her or maybe I’ll just have her on my channel more often!

  13. ILOVEBBV2003


  14. roundlady

    seems like Yummy is? the word to use!

  15. roundlady

    The recipe is now on? my roundorama blog. See the link below the video.

  16. roundlady

    @MsMary386 Those are Thai rice noodles.?

  17. sweetsillyme

    oh my gosh that looks so yummy. Definately going? to try it out. Thanx for sharing! :o)

  18. daisychic93

    OOoh yumm I am going to try this soon! more yummy recipes soon please :)?

  19. METALharlot

    mmmm looks yummyyyyyyy 🙂
    i’m going to try this out on the? weekend!!

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