vLog Late Night Rambling: Living With Celiac Disease

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Late night vLog – Anyone out there have Celiac Disease? I feel alone on the subject matter and I’ve been diagnosed for over a year and a half now. I haven’t met anyone else with it. Looking for stories, enlightenment, support..Not looking for sympathy 🙂 This has been on my mind for a while – Also I’m a bit random and I’m terrible at making vLogs – so here it is. I’m Nancy and I’ve got Celiac Disease. This is a good video better explaining Celiac in detail: www.youtube.com www.celiac.org

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  1. glamwithoutgluten

    Girl you are not alone!? I have met TWO people since I was diagnosed in 2008. I work in the medical field and started a you tube channel for other celiacs for support and just to make light of the disease.

  2. ToxyqPc

    Oh yeah and for everyone out there, seriously get tested? its just bloodwork. This disease is invisible and most doctors wont see it without request.

  3. ToxyqPc

    Just wanting to say that i was diagnosed with Celiacs about 7 years ago and didnt listen i still went on like normal then about two years ago i had huge problems with? anemia and then earlier this year my 3 upper rear teeth cracked and broke. Not trying to horrify you just trying to get this out there. My symptoms were caused by malnutrition from celiacs disease. If we catch it while were younger we can heal and be as if nothing ever happened. The future remains bright.

  4. SophiaElise1123

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last month and still trying to figure everything out. I have a different set of? syptoms like joint pain and inflamation so it was caught later on. Nice hearing from someone going through the same things!

  5. hedidit55

    Wow. U can’t eat glutton, bummer.. :(?

  6. JackksPro

    i feel ur pain..i have ulcerative colitis.Kind of the same…autoimmune and my body attacking itself.Diagnosed for 3 years I let it control my life…always saying I can’t do stuff because of it.This year I turned it around and decided to just go for it, it’s tiring and frustrating sometimes but I just? try not to let my UC control me.Let me know if you need a hand sometime

  7. MrPaddyR

    Poor lass? hope you get better friend 🙂

  8. diligaf9494

    your beautiful no matter? what…..just sain

  9. MrJackiewilliams

    I have a? friend on Xbox Live that has it, but he doesn’t talk about it… instead he just blasts us with his AK. I don’t know someone around me that actually has it.

  10. hotnursenancy

    glad to hear it?

  11. Eyal198

    Nancy I made a special bread for celiac people last year on a? school project. It came out pretty good.

  12. jbzones08

    I have a very good friend of mine who have celiac disease, and it’s terrible for her. I mean there are worse things than celiac disease in this world, but I feel really lucky not having it. You have SOO many limitations when it comes to food. I do support her and I do support you. (I eat a lot of gluten free food myself because I hang out with her a lot). I? really think there should be a more variable and broad selection of gluten free food products.

  13. SeekEdition


  14. SexySamurai699


  15. 11595500

    boxxy moment @? 10:22 😀 stay strong nancy

  16. islesguy81

    We still love you? nancy 🙂

  17. hotnursenancy

    I haven’t spoken with Mr. Thoughts about it, but you certainly can request? me via his twitter!

  18. That0neN00b

    hey Nancy will you? be doing anymore sexual thoughts?

  19. mbenjamin38

    they are on my fb go have? a look.

  20. TheJKCProductions

    I love the way you are spilling your? heart out for us. I love being your friend because you are an amasing beautiful woman. I will look up stuff for you to help raise funds for research. <3 you Totally non-homo.

  21. MRcanadafaf

    All? of them.

  22. hotnursenancy

    You have to get a biopsy to? know for sure nowadays. Unless the doc is a specialist and can tell from symptoms.

  23. hotnursenancy

    I love that? turtle.

  24. mbenjamin38

    which ones of? mine interest you?

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