What are the symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

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http://www.GlutenFreeandGorgeous.com Am I gluten intolerant? Here a few signs and symptoms that will give you insight into whether or not you ought to be goi…

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  1. mister8765

    Your website needs a serious revamp! Has? a very strong ‘sign up and be scammed’ feel about it.

  2. InsidersHealthTV

    It can’t be easy when you’re having digestive? issues and no definite diagnosis can be made. How can you really know if it’s a gluten rejection or celiac disease, especially if the doctor is unsure? We’ve covered this on our channel as well in anyone is interested. Have a great day, everyone!

  3. glutenisgone

    For everyone new to being gluten free you should check out? my help channel, glutenisgone. It can be very confusing at first, but you will feel so much better!

  4. lizisback12

    ok so gluten intolerance runs in my family. not many people have it but my sister is gluten intolerant and my aunt on my? moms side is gluten intolerant too. they are the only people in the family that i know so far who have it. My Nana (my dad’s mom) was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. My mom thinks i might be gluten intolerant and I’m not sure. I’m gunna admit this but she says that i have mood swings but i think the only reason why i think so is cause i don’t get along with my mom sometimes.

  5. lizisback12

    she says that its the gluten that’s making me irritable. i don’t get any of the other symptoms? you listed. I’m ok when i eat wheat. i dont know if its gluten or just me. maybe you might know cause youre a profesional

  6. fmbighair

    yeah,? i agree…its the typical “sales pitch template” for websites. Big turnoff, I clicked out of it imediately.

  7. skyhighkyguy

    just some feedback take it or leave it – i? believe in what you’re doing and appreciate the info, but your website comes across like its a really sleazy sales pitch. especially the format of the page glutenfreeandgorgeous, its the same format as the majority of online scams and will probably drive away a lot of people. personally if i were you i would redesign your info so its more personable and not like its a sales pitch.

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