Why a Gluten-Free Diet Isn’t Dangerous

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Dr. Vikki Petersen at HealthNOW Medical Center (www.healthnowmedical.com), talking about an recent Nightline Episode about the “dangers” of a gluten-free diet if you are not celiac. Watch episode here: abcnews.go.com Dear viewers, I want to make note of the fact that Jenny McCarthy’s son suffered from autism, not ADD as I stated. That was a misstep on my part that I wanted to clarify. It is accurate that she is quoted in the NIght Line piece as crediting a gluten-free diet as a major step in the resolution of his autism. And I stand by my statement that such results are documented in the literature as is a strong correlation with gluten creating many nervous system problems. The organization Defeat Autism Now (DAN) strongly advocates a gluten-free, casein-free diet because of the strong evidence that shows a benefit to the condition. Thank you! To your good health, Dr Vikki

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