Why Some People Must Cheat On Their Gluten Free Diet

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www.doctordavidclark.com Many people suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac, Hashimoto’s, Low thyroid, Multiple Sclerosis, Infertility–follow a gluten-free diet…But they cheat occasionally. Learn the devastating effects. Dr.David Clark THE PLACE FOR ANSWERS™ Functional Neurologist Functional Endocrinologist Diplomate College of Clinical Nutrition Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist 214-341-3737 ———————— Blog drclark.typepad.com ————————- Twitter www.twitter.com ———————- Facebook: www.facebook.com © 2010

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  1. magildeny

    one of the problems is that people are soooo addicted to food… that somehow needs to be addressed…. if we can get people unaddicted to the drug of “food” then they can more easily change and manipulate their diets…. thanks for all you do! ? thank God for healing practitioners such as yourself… if we relied on the alopathic system, there would be no hope for some of these health situations of improving! thanks again!

  2. fullmotionfamily

    I appreciate your videos. Sometimes I think? everyone should get off gluten and dairy. Do you agree?

  3. hassle4me2

    What about undenatured whey protein that is lactose free and casein free? Jay Robb? makes whey protein that is undenatured.

  4. clarkchiro

    ALL? dairy products (not lactose), baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast

  5. sempermagnificat33

    what other things can cause gluten like symptoms besides? coffee?

  6. clarkchiro

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Awesome.?

  7. jerseygrl5

    I was diagnosed with MS four years ago and went gluten free. Today I have no MS symptoms what so ever and have had not had another exacerabation since I went GF four? years ago. I have no problem staying on this diet, I see gluten as poison because it is for me. Nothing tastes as good as feeling fantastic feels.

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