Yeast free gluten free flat bread Yessss!

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A quick and easy no yeast, no wheat flat bread that you can make in a jiffy. Please check out more healthy stuff at the Savvy Sister:

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  1. Electronic Music Lab

    Do you have a recipe for bread that doesn’t contain any type of grain
    flour? I need to avoid all gluten not just the common one avoided on gluten
    free products. There is 1000s of types of gluten that you find in ALL
    grains and only a hand full of them have really been studied, gluten of all
    kinds cannot be properly broken down in the gut causing all sorts of
    problems. ?

  2. S Gonzalez

    Thanks aiyfairycelt! Looking at your page, you’ve got some great recipes

  3. Anthony Walters

    wow nice 🙂 thanks for the share :)?

  4. S Gonzalez

    I added aluminum free baking powder. Baking soda is not unhealthy at all in
    fact many people take it in water every day for cancer prevention. Thanks
    for your comment!?

  5. airyfairycelt

    I cannot even stand the smell of yeast it makes me feel really ill!
    I just scoop up wonderful recipes like this
    Love to see you using ancient grains for gf use too.
    Thank you and keep these coming!?

  6. Alej Peir

    Hey señora q bueno!?

  7. catherine vaganay

    It tasted delicious but now on texture and weight of the dough, I had a
    heavy dough and not so smooth texture (not as smooth as the wheat dough). I
    must have done something wrong. Huh. The fast is fantastic. Thank you for

  8. rolom3

    Totally agree with everything you’re saying! And thanks definately gonna
    use this recipe, I needed to find some kind of gluten free bread! So handy

  9. sissy williams

    Can I use Almond or Millet flour in place of Amaranth??

  10. BUGIIS1

    I could not tell from the video but does this have the texture of a
    tortilla for wrapping a bean burrito as an example. It appeared to be hard
    like a cracker. Thank you?

  11. JillM101

    Would it still taste good if I wanted to make it plain without the herbs?
    Thank you?

  12. Sowjanya Kolli

    Hi ….thanks for sharing this wonderful recepi….I should say healthy
    recipe probably….I have a question….why is that you added baking
    soda.?……isn’t it bad for your health…!.??

  13. Michelle B

    I just discovered my female issue has been due to candida. I have been on a
    candida diet for 21 days. I have done so much research. I just found you
    while I was doing a search for yeast and gluten free bread. Thank you so
    much for your posts.This is such a blessing to know I will be able to eat
    bread again. I’m so excited, I could cry.?

  14. Lana Howard

    +HARGUN BHATIA I would say the flattening might make a mean roti. I’ve been
    looking for a GF recipe for roti and paratha that doesn’t break apart for a
    while now. ?

  15. xman8109

    Was that her buckle head husband that turned on the vacuum? Spouses, are a

  16. parry4now

    You also absorb vitamin D through your skin when out in the beautiful

  17. Balgran Tango

    4 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon?

  18. Lana Howard

    +S Gonzalez Hi would this type of bread be considered unlevened bread? Also
    i do not have aramnath flour. I do have millet,fine ground corn
    flour,potatoe starch,and quinoa flour. Can any of these be a substitute?

  19. eileenfb1948

    Looks good, and so easy. Thank you?

  20. Cheryl Rae
  21. Too Crunk

    S Gonzales……BITCH YOU ROCK! Awesome recipe. It’s nice to see a recipe
    that doesn’t have MILK(yuck), YEAST(ewww), EGGS(baby fetus), and refined
    sugar(puke)! Some people(if you can call them people)….will put anything
    in their body/temple! To hell with that! I love myself too much for that!
    Respect to you for taking care of the only body that the Most High gave


    can we skip the flatening part n put it in like that only???

  23. Balgran Tango

    OOPS! you’re so right, 3 teaspoons = 1 tbls in US and Canada, 4 tsp = 1tbls
    in UK. Love your recipe and instructions! thanks ?

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