Autism in Children, Alternative Approaches & Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

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Autism in Children, Alternative Approaches & Gluten Intolerance Symptoms Dr. Sherrie Kjar has first hand experience with autism as her son was diagnosed with it. Here Sherrie describes what the symptoms of autism are and explains why one of the factors in Autism might be food allergies or food sensitivities such as gluten intolerance. There maybe alternative approaches to handling autism symptoms and this video she discusses how she was able to help her child with more holistic approaches and a gluten free diet. Visits Dr. Sherrie Kjar’s Websites at; http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Autism children “autism symptoms” gluten intolerance “gluten intolerance” symptoms “alternative medicine” alternative food “gluten free” holistic “holistic Medicine” diet help psychetruth

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  1. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet? options. Please subscibe to my channel for more links to this subject.

  2. kimberlyhannah17

    The evidence is in our children and watching them go from being neurologically “damaged” to being a neurotypical child after changing their diet. I have seen this in my own child as well. Educate and stop being ignorant.. refrain from nasty comments.? Are we supposed to do nothing, try nothing and put our kids in an institution (1 in 100 children have autism), I refused to believe this. Most MD’s are just “symptom treaters” and fixing a problem to them is prescribing a drug. EDUCATE yourself!

  3. fcdog555

    Yup and lettuce? causes cancer.

  4. MissPatchez

    Yes, they do. So does diet. What goes in your body creates your body, much like gasoline runs? a car except…the machine cannot integrate the gasoline like the human body does–the machine is not porous or ‘living’.

  5. MissPatchez

    And your? evidence is…?

  6. MissPatchez


  7. themr1down

    your correct, the doctor just? told my wife today that she thinks our son may be autisic, the first thing i said was “THATS WHY I DIDENT WANT HIM TO GET THOSE FUCKING SHOTS!!!!”

  8. hmmorly00

    Thanks for the? upload.

  9. fcdog555

    Sorry but anyone who promotes “holistic”? approaches is wholly ignorant and fucked up

  10. KenBigley1

    Why must you be so crude? There is no need for language like that! This lady is only trying to help others? and tell her story about her child!

  11. fcdog555

    you’re a? fucking idiot

  12. finefilth

    sure they do.. vaccines are bio weapons ,? they always have been.. the cats out of the bag we know

  13. fcdog555

    vaccines don’t cause autism.
    I wish people will? finally just drop this fraud

  14. stevethefishdotnet

    @MrJulesNapier When we were contemplating the MMR for our daughter, our pediatrician told us that he has patience with autism who were never immunized at all. We went through with the full? list of immunizations (but held off until 2 years old for the MMR at least) and our daughter is just fine. I think you’re right in that it is probably caused by environmental toxins and chemicals that are allowed to be put in processed foods.

  15. geppegep


  16. ProctoLion

    To clarify: I meant certain viruses, toxins, STDs, etc in the? pregnant mother, not an individual him/herself. 🙂

  17. ProctoLion

    I’m not badgering you, I’m correcting the untruths that you and other uninformed “experts” are spreading regarding autism. You obviously have your mind made up–as false as your information is–so there is nothing more that? I can say to try to dissuade you from believing what you have erroneously learned as the “truth.” On that note, let us just agree to disagree on this matter and ignore each other from here on. I certainly plan to.

  18. nickharvey7

    What we should talk about is why? autism develops is the first place; there are so many autistic people now it is so sad. We should look into it and find out if it is a genetic reason linked to vaccines. But there is a lot of money in making vaccines, what better way to make money than medication for those that are born perfect!

  19. ProctoLion

    @MrJulesNapier You? are correct in that autism is highly genetic. In addition to my son and I having Asperger’s, my 92 year old grandfather does as well, although he was, of course, never diagnosed as a child in the 20s and 30s. 🙂 The fetus’ brain continues to develop well into the 3rd trimester, with the cerebral cortex being the last to complete development. Besides genetics, there are environmental factors which could attribute to autism: certain viruses, toxins, STDs, etc.

  20. ProctoLion

    Of course I have–I did plenty of it during the four years I spent attaining my R.N. degree (graduating in the top 5% of my class). However, resource and research do not serve the layman very well if he or she does not have a thorough academic & clinical hands-on knowledge of the intracacies of human anatomy and physiology from a medical training standpoint. It amuses me how many people claim to be “experts”? when they do not hold a medical degree or training of any kind.

  21. ProctoLion

    In which area of medicine do you hold your degree,? if I may ask?

  22. ProctoLion

    Yes:? I checked with both DHEC and the CDC about the batches distributed at the time and was shown documents proving that they were heavy-metal-free. I, along with many leading authorities in the field, attribute the rise in autism to two main factors: 1) kids being initially MISdiagnosed, and 2) more people being diagnosed who were, at earlier times in history, NOT diagnosed with autism or not even diagnosed at all–they were simply called terms such as: eccentric, strange, odd, etc.

  23. angelbe88

    Can you be sure of the exact ingredients contained in the vaccines administered to your son? If it’s not the vaccines, how do you explain the? substantial increase in autism?

  24. ProctoLion

    Not all vaccines contain heavy metals. I am an R.N. born in 1968 and my son was born in 1999, and we both have Asperger’s Syndrome. My vaccines from the 60s may have had heavy metals but my son’s did not–however, we both have the same condition (aka high-functioning autism). There is NO correlation between vaccines, gluten, diet,? etc. and autism. If a child improves after removing dietary items, then the child was most likely misdiagnosed in the first place and was NOT autistic.

  25. ProctoLion

    On the whole, I have to respectfully disagree. I am an R.N. and both I and my 12? year old son have Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism), so I have done a LOT of empirical research and meta-analyses on it. There is absolutely NO positive correlation between autism and vaccines, immune system dysfunction, digestive problems, nor mental disorders. Autism is mainly d/t physical differences in the brain, including the thalamus, corpus colosum, and the lack of mirror neurons.

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