Becky Takes on the Wheat Belly Diet and Goes Gluten Free

Posted on So I’ve decided to take on a new challenge and it’s called the Wheat Belly Diet. This is based off a book by William Davis. So basically I’ve decided to give up wheat and go gluten free for the next 4 weeks. This includes whole grains (yes even whole wheat!) or any product with wheat or gluten. You’d be surprised how many items contain gluten! So it’s not just the white breads, pastas, muffins, tortillas, pancakes, waffles, and all that sort of thing but whole wheat bread or pasta too. So be sure to check out the blog at http to learn more about this wheat free diet as well as my progress over the next 4 weeks!

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  1. maciejwrotek


  2. persiandiva77

    I am doing this too but i do? make bakes items gf.

  3. BeckyFoxFitness

    Very? good point! Yay for you for eliminating many of these unhealthy foods!

  4. BeckyFoxFitness

    Thanks? and good for you!!

  5. BeckyFoxFitness

    Actually, according to the Wheat Belly book it’s the gluten in wheat specifically causing the problem so even making your own wouldn’t work if you are gluten intolerant. Although limiting other processed foods is definitely a great idea too because of all the junk in them and I highly encourage? that as well.

  6. bleachitful

    Interesting.? I have read and heard quite a few things about this diet. The one common factor is that everyone talks about removing wheat products but they are referring to store bought foods. Has anyone considered it isn’t the wheat but all the chemicals, preservatives and fillers they put in most packaged products?? Ever considered milling your own wheat at home and baking your own whole wheat bread without all the crap that is in the packaged products? Just pick up any packaged wrap, bread

  7. leoschmeo

    I read this book and have made these changes in my life as well. I appreciate your? video, you’re a good communicater and positive person.

  8. James Hershey

    Just think about this idea I toss out. Wheat (eg) bread is also a “delivery system” for many foods one should avoid. What to put on bread? Mayonaise, peanut butter and jelly, Cheese, sandwich meats loaded? with fat and sodium. The list goes on and on. I have eleimated wheat, corn, white rice and most especially anything with high fructose corn syrup. The weight drop is constant

  9. goose1077

    You can take is a step further and eliminate all grains–rice and corn for example and go with that paleo diet.?

  10. Julie MacAndrews

    Well, instead of carrying on to becky, why don’t you just do it yourself? It’s like the? movies. You don’t take someone else’s opinion, you see it yourself. Get up, try it, and then say “yay or nay”

  11. JanahJames

    you wont see weight changes if you replace wheat with gluten free products. Read William Davis’ Wheat Belly to see why – it’s too much? to explain here, but basically gluten free products dont rip apart your GIT – but they do spike your blood sugar = fat storage.

  12. atanu090928

    Hey there, have you tried out “Belly Fat TorchMax” (just search on Google for it …)? There you will? find a useful free video. It helped Kyle to lose his belly fat. I hope it will work for you too…

  13. Tawana Birchfield

    good, i can’t say that i have lost any weight yet but i do feel better. i dont feel bloated so it think that by itself is a plus. the gluten free food is not bad. i like the gluten free bread and waffles. some of the stuff made with corn is a little off but otherwise i like it, different textures. look forward to your? post to give me a boost.

  14. BeckyFoxFitness

    It really does work! I’ll be posting? a video this week. I feel SOOO much better and do look leaner (I’ll take measurements tomorrow also)

  15. Tawana Birchfield

    i hope you can keep it up, i am interested in seeing if it really? works before i take a crack at it.

  16. BeckyFoxFitness

    Sorry John. I understand this. I did fall off the wagon and am getting back on track (I am human), granted I do eat gluten free most of the time and this has greatly changed my habits. Actually what happened is I’m moving and traveling and so I’ve gotten behind on posting ANY? blogs. I will be updating soon and no this wasn’t just to loose a few pounds for summer but to make changes overall.

  17. JohnGatesIII

    So becky, what HAPPENED? you posted this video, started a little blog on BeckyFoxFitness, and then NOTHING. No update, no feedback, almost like you stopped. As you said, there are many out there with Celiacs/Gluten intolerance issues; but see, they don’t do it to loose a? couple of pounds for summer, they do it because they HAVE to. Wheat Belly, Gluten Free, and all the rest of it ISN’T a fad, it’s a way of life, a way of getting your life BACK. So update us, what happened?

  18. BeckyFoxFitness

    Yes,? but that sugar is coming from fruits instead of added sugar so on the fly it’s going to be a better choice that many other grab and go bars.

  19. chimpanchu

    Blender is your best friend!

    Put 1/2 Avocado, 1/2 Cucumber (not zucinni, but the watery one), 1 stick of celery, a bunch of Parsley, a drop of honey and a glass of Almond milk (or rice milk, or even soy milk)… into blender and blend away!

    The finish product is? a thick avocado smoothie, drink that, that will take care of hunger problem. I did not feel hungry for the next 6 hours after 2 glasses of this.

    You can also do Tomato juice (Tomato, Parsley, Spinach, Salt and Honey and add water).

  20. BeckyFoxFitness

    I’ve also cut out added sugars, so I stick to as much fresh fruits, veggies, and lean meats as I can. I try to avoid packaged food and actually doing this diet as help cut my craving for sweets and sugars! Yes eggs are yummy but can get tiresome. I am trying to recipes this weekend and if they? turn out good will post some recipes soon!

  21. BeckyFoxFitness

    I’ve been eating dark? chocolate bars and Lara Bars (especially the chocolate chip cookie dough one) to get my sweet fix. I honestly don’t do much baking myself.

  22. BeckyFoxFitness

    Awesome I will check it out. Haven’t been on the facebook? page in awhile!

  23. sunnylittlelisa

    Recipes? Go to facebook and check out the wheat belly recipe central. Lots of recipes. Facebook “wheat belly” too. Dr. Davis, the author? of Wheat Belly, actually responds to our posts.

  24. brendaobr

    Becky Ive been really missing baking I have baked several recipes ive seen Banana bread with chocolate? chips was pretty good, some cookies. any good bakery items you could share. Thanks again

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