Celiac Disease is NOT the same thing as Gluten Sensitivity

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www.doctordavidclark.com Is Celiac Disease the same thing as gluten sensitivity? Dr. David Clark, DC gives you the simple, but surprising answer. Dr. David Clark, DC Functional Neurologist Chiropractic Neurologist Diplomate College of Clinical Nutrition 10233 E. NW Hwy Ste 508 Dallas, TX 75238 214-341-3737 http www.facebook.com © 2011 David Clark.

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  1. iamaphotonut

    A yr ago I was on a diet & cut? out all bread products. I noticed if I cheated & ate any bread products my is fibromyalgia is worse & it tears my stomach up & gives me bad stomach pain! I told my Dr so she ran a Celiac panel on me. The normal range is 0-400, mine was 518. She said she’s pretty confident that I have Celiac. Do you think I do? P.S I love your channel!

  2. valsharai

    Glutenology is a good YT channel to learn all about it from. These hereditary issues are prevalent in my family courtesy of my maternal grandfather’s DNA. My mother and 1 of my brothers have Celiac Disease. It’s becoming medical consensus that Celiac is the endstage of the gluten intolerance spectrum, basically it can’t get any worse than Celiac. 🙁

    I don’t have Celiac, but definitely have problems. After 18 months on a gluten-free? diet my auditory hallucinations stopped. Unintentional benefit!

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