Celiac Disease Report: An Emergency C-section is Healthier than a Planned One

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www.healthnowmedical.com Elective C-sections proven to increase risk of celiac disease in infants. Why? Learn more from a doctor and author.

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  1. healthnowmedical

    @powderwood: There can be a connection between gluten intolerance/sensitivity and PCOS. There have been many studies supporting a correlation between hormonal imbalance and gluten and I certainly have seen it in my clinic.

    You are correct, an allergy is different from a sensitivity.

    If? you’d like assistance getting to the bottom of your PCOS please give me a call for a free health analysis. We have good success treating the condition and would be happy to help you!

    Dr Vikki

  2. powderwood

    Is there a connection between PCOS and gluten sensitivity? I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, and it seems there are similarities in symptoms.? I have suspected that I have food sensitivities for a while, now I’m wondering if I should try a gluten-free diet. My mother is allergic to wheat and corn, but I understand that it is different than sensitivies, right?

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