Celiac Super food gluten free bread. Get your kids to eat Vegetables autism 1 of 2

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Kale bok choy collard greens, carrots, Pamela’s gluten free bread mix.

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  1. servcheryl

    hi that video disapeared. I should make a new one its too long & I know how to cut videos now. In part 2 you bake as directed on the mix package, insert toothpick 2 c if it is cooked through you want the toothpick to come out dry. Its hard to slice if it isn’t dry inside. Then I slice the bread and put it in little fold top bags 4 slices to a bag then put them in a? bigger bag 2gether & freeze them. I put one small bag in the fridge the night b4 I plan 2 use it and its ready the next morning.

  2. liesehaley

    what happened to part 2? thinking of doing this as my PDD 3yr old? is not liking the GF bread from the store.

  3. servcheryl

    Great I am so glad you are taking action in your grandson’s healing. The GFCF Diet is the best treatment out there. We experienced miraculous healing with our son.? When you ramp it up and pack them full of plant fibers and nutrients the healing results are amplified. Thank you for your feedback. It is wonderful for me to know when I have helped. Good luck on your journey and enjoy every minuet you have with you grandson.

  4. ebotica

    you’ve got it, this is exactly what I’ve been planning on doing for our grandson with? autism whom we’re raising, thank you so much.

  5. jwbrewington

    Looks? yummy. Thank you for sharing.

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