Emeril Lagasse Creates Gluten- and Allergen-Free Recipes with Enjoy Life Foods products!

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Emeril Lagasse visits his local Whole Foods to test out some gluten and allergen free recipes including Enjoy Life Foods recipes! Check out this video to see the outcome!

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  1. YesNoMabeeVlog

    This is a great recipe! and? video! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. kardancer1

    is their a lighter flour for gluten free alternative flour? free of “wheat,rye and barley”. I hope you understand the reason he used rice flour is because she can’t eat wheat flour. So he would have to use, rice, buckwheat or another alternative.

  3. Contrajoe

    I didn’t make it to 0:15 before I knew this? was going to be funny

  4. missdarque

    If? he’d gone for lighter flours, then the brownies would be lighter.

  5. LoisAnne83

    you have to make sure the pure vanilla is gluten free! If it uses rye to make the alcohol, it’s NOT gluten free. ? The best way is to call the manufacturer, unless it is stated on the bottle.

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