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www.glutenfreesociety.org Does a gluten free or paleo diet improve weight loss or athletic performance? You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet The cardinal rule of nutrition states that one cannot achieve health eating unhealthy foods. When you combine unhealthy foods with an intense workout program, the results can be problematic for many. Chronic inflammatory overuse injuries are common among athletes who carb load, and athletes who live under the false belief that intense exercise exonerates them from having to be selective about food choice. I have seen injury after injury in people with this mindset. That is the catch 22 – You exercise to lose weight, but in the process, injury occurs. The injury prevents you from working out and reaching your fitness goals. The simple solution – stop the injury by eating a clean diet and choosing the right types of food for fuel and recovery.

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  1. Dave Krug

    I’ve been avoiding gluten, all grains, and anything with added sugars/fructose since the start? of this (2012) year.? And I too can say I’ve never felt better and my sleep has never been better also!! I’ve lost 30+ lbs now in about 10 months and have so much energy I hate sitting down in a chair all day I’d rather be on my feet, exercising, moving around. I just feel abundant energy (but not nervous, restless, or “manic” energy ;)!!

  2. Dave Krug

    Of course your athletic performance will be better… avoiding grains will cause you to have a lower average insulin levels which will lower your uric acid in your body and since higher uric acid lowers ATP levels, lower uric acid? from eating less grains (and less sugars too) will RAISE your ATP levels, hence more energy.

    Also eating grains causes you to lose the excess body fat, so carrying around less body fat will leave you with extra energy as less is being spent carrying around extra fat.

  3. MissLinka86

    i started the blood type diet and it said to go completely gluten free.. i’ve never felt better!? love this video!

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