Feel Good Foods: Gluten Free Dumplings

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Gluten Free Dumplings: Surprisingly Good facebook: facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Contact us: If you have any questions, want to find out where to buy our dumplings or just feel like saying hi email: [email protected]

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  1. FeelGF

    Thank? you so much! We promise there are more good things to come 🙂

  2. greekchick11

    I love the product and the commercial is hilarious. I can’t wait to? see what you guys come up with next!

  3. Jared Craft

    Living in Minnesota, it can be so difficult to find gluten-free options that are both diverse and taste good. I feel as though I’m stuck tending to the same flavors and textures? over and over again. A lady recommended these at the co-op near me and I haven’t been able to put them down since! What I love most is that they don’t taste like other gluten-free products on the shelf, they taste like real food! More importantly, my kids will eat these too! I hope that more stores begin carrying these!

  4. Ruth Steinberg

    finally asian food that i can eat!? you two are awesome!

  5. clarey713

    these are the best things i’ve ever tasted in my entire? life

  6. coopcoop34

    I LOVE the dumplings! They? are absolutely delicious!

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