Fried Chicken Recipe: Healthy, Gluten Free, Cooking by Food Smarty Austin

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Fried Chicken Recipe: Healthy, Gluten Free, Cooking by Food Smarty Austin In this video Celina shows you how to make a healthier version of everyone’s favorite dish—fried chicken! This delicious recipe uses tapioca flour (which has anti-inflammatory properties) and garbonzo flour which is high in protein. Even if you are not allergic to gluten, this recipe is much healthier and incredibly tasty! Like most of Celina’s cooking, this recipe is also gluten-free. Ingredients: 4 organic eggs* 1 cup garbonzo flour 1 cup tapioca flour ½ cup brown rice flour Organic coconut oil Spices and salt (optional) Bone in split chicken breasts and legs * May substitute eggs for ¼ cup ground flaxseed + ¾ cup water Recipe: – Whisk 4 eggs in a large bowl – In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients. – Dip chicken in eggs, then into the dry mixture (repeat optional) – Make sure to heat your coconut to a sufficient heat before adding chicken. After the 2nd batch, you’ll probably need to bring the temperature down as the oil will get too hot. Foodsmarty Celina Jean, has a passion for very healthy food. She combines a unique medical science background, a lifetime of nutrition and her deep love of cooking to create healthy, unique and thoroughly scrumptious cookies, pastries and pies. Visit Celina’s Website at; Visit the FoodSmarty Blog at; http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. fried chicken

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  1. virtualguitarist

    Searching for healthy cooklng oils, i have? found that coconut oil is the worst.

  2. snowblo1

    I did appreciate this video. Just a few things to the commentators. A lot of you are criticizing the author for suggesting that you can replace flaxseed for the eggs which would then make the dish “vegan”. Well I believe what she meant for those of you who are “egg sensitive”, should moderate the receipe by using flaxseed instead off eggs in the batter. I personally would never fry chicken in coconut? oil. It just burns too easily. I’ve just been oven frying lately, and it taste just like FRIED!

  3. skmuzikjunkee

    Wow!? NEVER! EVER! Use Watertown test the heat of your cooking oil. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. karapesuthu1

    hahahahahaha….nice one.? thanks 🙂

  5. Lisa Lomas

    I think? baking would be even healthier.

  6. OutOfGas2012

    …? most chickens ARE vegetarians, so just use the recipe above 😉

  7. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds? like a good learning video for gluten free diet options. Please subscibe to my channel for more links to this subject.

  8. karapesuthu1

    i am looking? for vegetarian chicken…..any recipes?


    does? the paper bag need to be organic? ha ha im just kidding ma’am. Nice video, good alternative to plain fried chicken. Really like your commentary “Oooh fried chicken..its a little gushy..” ha ha good job ma’am.

  10. SuperYouareWrong

    I’m? so hungry.

  11. ClickHere4AGoodTime

    I really liked this recipe. I love fried chicken and there were a lot of good tips overall. That chicken definitely did look delicious. The one thing that did bother me was when Celina said this? could be Vegan if you made some substitutions, but even after those substitutions totally wouldn’t be vegan with the chicken. Right?

    Fried Seitan could be interesting, if it was made like chicken fried chicken. Yum!!!

    Still, overall a really good video. 🙂

  12. MrSuperOurs

    During all the video, you’re talking about smart cooking etc, organic food… Just so you know; there is no such thing as smart cooking, just dumb people. As always, people blame the food instead of blaming habits. And for god sake’s, HEALTHY fried? chicken? Please, I’d rather go at Burger King for a salad…

  13. vertstylus

    Some people have egg sensitivities, myself included.?

  14. lulubby3

    no matter? how hard ya try “smartie” …chicken will never be vegan

  15. lulubby3

    “but i like to do it on medium …medium…about medium…yeah? medium” LOL

  16. mtfjourney

    did she just say? vegan fried chicken??

  17. Adam Silvia

    looks good, I also have a gluten free video. It’s on “how to make gluten free buffalo? wings” please check it out.

  18. dlw0066

    Never thought fried chicken was a vegan? meal. WoW

  19. YesNoMabeeVlog

    This is a great recipe! and video!? Thanks for sharing!!


    Where do you buy your coconut oil from??

  21. skooshi

    Fried chick? sux dear

  22. aubrey1015

    It’s not what you eat but how much you’re eating. What’s unhealthy is all that damn batter on the chicken. You’re eating flour and egg with that batter. Just fry the chicken in it’s own skin. It will allow the chicken to stay moist and grease less. You need more oil and it needs to cook on a high heat so it won’t be greasy. All that stuff you just did and you made it more “unhealthy” buy soaking it in flour? and eggs…….lol everybody wanna be somebody, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  23. skooshi

    And try use a pinch and drop of salt to see wether ur oil its ready hot enough to fry chicken not a drop of water idiotic person onli? us water in hot oil lol myb this bitch wanna hurts herself drop water in hot oil thats phetetic idea lol bitch u need more culinary cooking skill before post ur stupid videos lol,dumb amo

  24. skooshi

    this girls are sucks she just wanna shows her bobs out wtf think i am more expert cooking chicken then tis suck bitch when cooking fry? chicken use lots oil the oil must hot enough bitch

  25. cbnboy34

    Way too much work!?

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